April 13, 2013 Spike Saturday (Now Over)

UPDATE: Today’s Spike Saturday event has now ended.

From earlier:

Spike Hike has just announced today’s Spike Saturday meetup. If you’re able to go online and party with Spike Hike, I recommend you do! He is on the server Fog.


Have fun!

17 thoughts on “April 13, 2013 Spike Saturday (Now Over)

  1. I was eating here it was like 7:30PM and when i go on the computer check spike hike’s twitter it finish I’m like (°͡ ʖ͜ °͡ ) — I knew it.

    • In the mine. During superhero party. Your lucky I’m doing this-I’m doing a spam attack now, I’M SO TIREDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  2. *claps slowly* Well well well *stops clapping* What do we have here? Well uh I dont really know but i wanted a dramatic entrance so yeah that worked out :D But anyway Train do you know that *room goes half dark* that…. THAT ……… THAT!!!!!……. *rooms lights up in flash* CP QUIT EARTH DAY PARTY D: NO EARTH DAY PARTY

  3. I was there XD I didn’t go to field friday coz I met Polo Field and he was playing igloo hide n seek!It’s 4AM in morning I have holiday so I can stay awake those times

  4. That is so strange… I have spent the last 4 hours on Fog and I did not see Spike Hike once. He is on my Freinds List, but it didnt say he was online.!

  5. Hi Train! I’m having a party. I hope you can come!!

    What day? Tuesday, April 30 2013

    What time? 3:00 PM Penguin Standard Time

    What server? Icicle (ICEBOUND IF FULL BY 2:30 PM PST)

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