Meet with Federflink1 On February 5th!

Federflink1 from the German Club Penguin Blog is having another Fun with Federflink meetup!┬áThe theme of this meetup is an underground expedition. If you’re interested in going if you can make it, the meetup with him is this Tuesday, February 5th. The time of the meetup is at 16:15 (4:15 PM) Central European Time. That’s 3:15 PM (15:15) if you live in the United Kingdom. It’s 10:15 AM for the East Coast of the United States and 7:15 AM for PST. It’s in the German server┬áHandschuhe.


I do realise many of you will be unable to make this due to school but keep in mind this meetup is mainly aimed at those in German. Oh well. If you’re going, have fun!

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