Here’s What You Look Like On Club Penguin As Each Dinosaur

It’s no secret that we’ll be able to transform into dinosaurs at the Prehistoric Party. Earlier today Club Penguin began to post sneak peeks of the catalogue on the Club Penguin Blogs, although I don’t need to post that since just the other day Spike Hike tweeted more than what was shown on the blog. Anyway, today the Club Penguin Team gave out this sneak peek of what you ¬†look like in game as each of the three dinosaurs.


Awesome! The Prehistoric Party starts in roughly 12 hours as of publishing this post. Check out this post for a roundup of every sneak peek.

33 thoughts on “Here’s What You Look Like On Club Penguin As Each Dinosaur

  1. YES YAHOOO OMG I CANT WAIT maybe we can tip th icberg using ROARS to crack it and STOMPS to tip it what do you think guys? Oh and cp THANK YOU FOR MAIKING THE PTERANDOM ACTUALLY FLY THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

  2. It’s okay to release things now, as the party starts in a few hours! Wow, that feels so good to say…. I see they are on the Iceberg! THE PTERANODON LOOKS SO COOL! I wanna fly!

  3. So cool!! Wait if there’s no limit to how long you can be a dinosaur will it let you still be a dino after the party untill you cancell it? Or can you only be a dino after you go through thre time trekker to the past will it let you be a dino in present cp too?

    • When you choose to become a dinosaur it doesn’t go away unless you log off or transform back. I’m not sure how it’ll work other than that.

  4. Awesome this the sneak peek I have been waiting for!Problaby there is an egg of the dinosaur that lets you be it,or a machine in the time trekker

  5. So train,you know everyone says: tip the iceberg!
    now comes: stomp the iceberg!
    hopefully the iceberg gets tipped at the end of the party and a new room comes!

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