Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2013 Roundup

This post contains spoilers! The Prehistoric Party is starting on January 17th, so naturally I have compiled a list of every sneak peek and piece of information known so far for you to read over if you are interested. Please note this will contain a lot of spoilers, so if you do not want much of the party spoiled, do not read this post.

I first posted about the Prehistoric Party back in September, roughly four months ago. Quite a while, right? Back then I thought it was about the Halloween Party though, but I was wrong! Read over Gary’s prewritten mascot messages for bits about the party. It is possible that some party things have changed overtime due to Club Penguin changing their mind.

Here are all the sneak peek images given.

The main focus of the Prehistoric Party will be the Time Trekker, as we will be traveling in time to go back to prehistoric times. This Time Trekker was originally spotted in October 2012 during the Halloween Party inside the telescope in the mansion – foreshadowing. Currently the Time Trekker is sitting at the Snow Forts waiting for takeoff. This expedition in time is being led by Gary.

At the Prehistoric Party we will also be able to transform into three different dinosaurs. Unlike the Holiday Party there is no time limit, you can be a dinosaur as long as you’d like to be.

Here is your in game avatar:


Also, you will be able to puke on other players.

Another sneak peek we were given is of the Prehistoric Catalogue. There are some items for everyone. The names of these items are currently unknown.

Members can get the Lava Flow item for their igloos.

Here is the Prehistoric Map.

On Disney UK’s Club Penguin page it says “Club Penguin collides with the past for Prehistoric Party! Cave penguins can explore ancient lands and discover new adventures! Everybody can dig for dino eggs to earn a special prize – and members can fly, stomp and roar as dinosaurs!”

Digging for dinosaur eggs is Rockhopper’s Treasure Hunt game redesigned and looks like this:

It’s also worth mentioning there will be some new emotes at this party.

It is unknown if the other emotes (shown in the login screens below) will make an appearance or not.

There is also the Prehistoric Party commercial airing on television.

Finally, it is worth noting that there will be a new Puffle but not at this party according to Club Penguin.

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  1. hey train i have a question are these official @SillyRookie @Club_Arctic @clubagentg @thedirectorepf @clubcadance @captrockhopper @clubdjcadence @clubgariwald @jetpackguyclub

  2. Penguins were re-designed. Rooms were re-designed. Remember the new emotes sneak peek that was shown last year? Maybe they will update now, because the angry face emote is the same as the one in the sneak peek.

  3. Trainman, after searching on many sites… You cannot throw puke on other players. Club Penguin/SpikeHike has said you can Throw Food, nut puke. ;3

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