Gary Meetup Times List (New French Times Added)

Looking for some easy chances to find Gary on Club Penguin? Look no further! Here are different dates and times you can find Gary in a specific server.


The final times that remain are:

  • January 30 at 16:30 (4:30 PM) Central European Time in the server Schneeflocke (German)
  • January 30 at 6:30 PM PST in the server Arctic (English)

122 thoughts on “Gary Meetup Times List (New French Times Added)

  1. Hey, Train! Do you know where abouts Gary will be today? Just so I dont have to trail around the island in search of him (Jan 20th 11:30am PST Northern lights btw) Thanks!

    • Add 4 and a half hours to CET for the time in India. So if it’s at 1:00 PM in CET, that would be 5:30 PM for you. (just an example)

  2. Train can we meet on Saturday ? If yes here is the info
    Day:Saturday 26 2013
    Time :8:00pm Uk time (im sorry but i cant find anything to find it in different times)
    Server: Freezer
    Room: Coffee shop
    Hope you and other penguins can make it

  3. Hey train, has anyone used these yet? If no, then you can use them:
    January 21 Time: 6:30pm PST Server: Zipline
    January 22 Time: 2:30pm PST Server: Below Zero
    January 23 Time: 2:30pm PST Server: Big Surf
    January 25 Time: 6:30pm PST Server: Ice Berg
    January 26 Time: 6:30pm PST Server: White Out
    January 27 Time: 4:00pm PST Server: Big Snow
    January 28 Time: 11:30am PST Server: Cloudy

  4. already knew that train but I memory that the shamrock pin was the only decoration of the coffee shop and in the firsts hours of the party the shamrock pin was not one pin.
    Sincerily Robinchi-

    • I just removed them once they’re over, actually. (not instantly but within a few hours)

      I’ll check out the app. :P

  5. Hey Trainman!
    Im having a small party on the 25 of Jan
    The time is 8:04 PST [Penguin stranded time]
    I hope you can come!

      • Haha the 25th is my birthday that’s funny…… If I didn’t have such a busy day on my birthday I would play cp for a ling time lol
        but nooooo my mem JUST expired …. Ahh mannn lol so sad I won get the backround…. Although I might get a mem fir my b day and if I don’t then I’ll prob do the 1.99 deal!!!! Oh and does it work to get like three months worth for 5.97? And i want te bonus pack although I already have mist o the stuff from it…. Lol
        sorry fir such a long comment!!!!!!

  6. Hey Trainman!
    Wanna meet on club penguin right now?
    Im on server Big Snow at the town hope you can come!

  7. Traiman one more thing the shamrock pin iwas the only decoration of st patrick 2006 Look at the yearbook 2005-2006,and I already knew that the dance club it’s decorated in halloween 2005 it’s easy for the photo of the yearbook traiman

  8. New bug – when you login now you don’t have any of the mascots.
    It has deleted everyone off of my friend list now!!

  9. Hey train man awesome post!Your one of the best bloggers around these days and I met Gary using the times so thanks train!

  10. Train, I’m doing another SpySunday can you come?
    Day: Sunday 27th Jan 2013
    Time : Now 8:30 PST
    Server: Sleet
    Room: Dock

  11. Hey Train can I meet you on Club Penguin? If so please let me know. You can pick a time you want to go on. It’s at the server sleet the room is the dock. Hope to see you there! :)

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