The Future of the EPF and PSA Revealed By Polo Field

Polo Field has made a new post on the Club Penguin Blog and revealed a brief insight as to the future of the EPF and PSA. As you know, Herbert destroyed the Everyday Phoning Facility and VR Room inside, which means the PSA missions are gone. Club Penguin doesn’t want to remove them forever, though. In fact, a new section coming to Fun Stuff in the near future will let you play the past 11 PSA missions! Here is a sneak peek:

The following page has been updated:

37 thoughts on “The Future of the EPF and PSA Revealed By Polo Field

  1. BIN WEEVILS WON THE BAFTA’S, AGAIN! I hate Bin Weevils, it’s a rip-off, scam, but so many dumb kids love it, because they live in a BIN.

  2. Very sorry for posting so much, but here is a rough translation from Spanish to English:

    Hello Agents. As many of you know, Herbert destroyed the EPF HQ and the VR room. Yet I cant reveal much but i can tell you that the team is thinking big ideas for the future of the EPF. The CP Team knows how much you like the PSA missions and want you to access them. ( note: I was guessing that sentence. ) So, lets add the former PSA missions to the “Fun Stuff” so you can play them if you wish. What is your favorire PSA mission? Tell us in the comments. -the Club Penguin Team

  3. Train… remember when you posted about the picture of the EPF on the side with the Ski Hill? Maybe that is where the new EPF is going to be placed! Unless they repair the EPF right where it was…

    • The F.I.S.H. catalogue has not existed as of May 2010. It was where PSA agents could find information and buy gear. And I don’t know mission wise.

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