November 30, 2012 Field Friday (Now Over)

UPDATE: Now over.

LATEST UPDATE: Part 2 with Spike Hike and Businesmoose is now in session!

UPDATE: Now over.

Polo Field has just announced his weekly Field Friday meetup! It’s happening on Fjord right now! He is liking igloos on the map in the server as of publishing this post.

9 thoughts on “November 30, 2012 Field Friday (Now Over)

  1. I never got to meet any of them because sometimes other people are selfish and
    dont tell anyone else when rare penguins are going to appear or they already met them and they went to see them again,Can at least some of us at least that didnt meet them let us meet them?,and when is the next appearance?,and on an english u.s.a. server,place,and time?
    – Shera54321

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