My Awesome Life – The Herbert Story

Herbert tweeted the above image of a Stage play catalogue titled “My Awesome Life – The Herbert Story”. Do you think it’ll really be an upcoming stage play if Herbert takes over the island during Operation Blackout or do you think it’s just a joke/gimmick? If it’s going to be a real stage play, it would definitely be interesting!

25 thoughts on “My Awesome Life – The Herbert Story

  1. Well it would be interesting to see the infamous Herbert P. Bear’s Story made into a stage play maybe there will be a Herbert P. Bear Costume.

  2. I can sort of make out the letters of the Stage Catalog, I definitely can see it’s 2012. I thought I was crazy when I saw before 2012 was the word “September”. That’s IMPOSSIBLE it’s already been September! I can see it being December, which is the only month left and it would be a perfect idea for Christmas

    • Exactly what I was thinking. Only I think the end of November will be better, and for Christmas around mid-December there will be a humbug holiday.

  3. Here are some reasons why I think this is real:
    1: Rookie put a twist into a play before. Maybe Herbert is, too. Maybe just a different play.
    2: Herbert’s taking over the WHOLE island, including the stage. (I Think.)

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