Meet Herbert At 7:00 AM PST Today (Now Over)

Club Penguin’s French Twitter account has just tweeted that Herbert P. Bear will be making an appearance in the French server ‘Yeti’ at 4:00 PM Paris Time. That’s 7:00 AM PST/10:00 AM EST/3:00 PM UK Time.

4 thoughts on “Meet Herbert At 7:00 AM PST Today (Now Over)

  1. Train!!!
    I told you this before and I will tell you again! If you use your cheat and do stage 6 all the people are uncaptured, you get the pin, you don’t need lava boots or the cheat to get in, all the pictures are gone from underground, and in Herbert’s HQ the solar laser breaks and you see sunlight! However when you walk outside it is normal!

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