Herbert Confirmed To Be A Mascot At Operation Blackout!

Club Penguin has just announced on Twitter that Herbert will indeed be walking around at Operation Blackout! We first spotted this in the Operation Blackout commercial where you see a part of his username in the top left.

Do you think he’ll have a stamp and a background, one of the two, or neither? I’m excited! Check out my Herbert Tracker during the Blackout. Rumour has it I’ll be hiring more tracking team members, too! ;-)

26 thoughts on “Herbert Confirmed To Be A Mascot At Operation Blackout!

  1. Can I please be in the tracking team? I met many famous penguins: Rockhopper (in September 2011), Aunt Arctic (in June 2012, she was the first/only famous penguin I met when I wasn’t looking/not on the computer), Cadence and the Penguin Band (in July 2012, at the Epic Show Stadium), and Gary (in October 2012).

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