Don’t Forget To Get Your EPF Items – Log Off Screen

All six of the Operation Blackout chapters are out, and as a result Club Penguin has released this reminder log off screen telling you to make sure you get all the spy gear before it’s gone on December 4th.

Like usual clicking the log off screen takes you to the membership page. By the way, in spirit of the holidays Club Penguin added this fancy banner to the top of their membership page:

Thanks Dolphins 19Airplane6068, and Ramone14!

The following pages have been updated:

4 thoughts on “Don’t Forget To Get Your EPF Items – Log Off Screen

  1. train, I just found out “Ice Jam” was the Security Terminal game! When my friend was playing the Security Computer game, I clicked on the ? on his profile. It said nothing but **ice_jam**. besides, the Security Terminal game didnt really have a name. And, it was the same instructions as the Ice Jam name. It’s code name was “Ice Jam”! It was just a temperary game! This is exclusive!

    • I noticed that last Thursday! I hope Ice Jam (the regular version from the beta team) becomes a permanent game in Club Penguin.

  2. Hmmm… is there a certain reason they want us to have all the gear? If not, they probably just did it to remind us there is gear. xD

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