Club Penguin December 2012 Sneak Peek

On Club Penguin’s blog Polo Field has posted the following sneak peek for the December 2012 month on Club Penguin! It’s definitely mysterious. I have no idea what the first image on the left is, but the middle one seems like a special Holiday Party room, or maybe a new igloo. I think the one on the far right is the clothing catalogue with the Reindeer Costume.

What are your predictions?

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53 thoughts on “Club Penguin December 2012 Sneak Peek

  1. Here’s what I think:
    The first one might be a bobsled
    The second one might be a special party room (Something referring to crystal gems by the picture)
    And the third one is a clothing catalogue.

  2. I bet it’s like a christmas in summer. Well since Herbert wants it warm maybe cp is nice to him and we have a warm Christmas!! But either way as long as there is a catalog I’m good with it because I buy everything there is to buy right when a catalog comes out I just buy it all then decide what to wear.

  3. Well I think the first one is sled racing on Santa’s redecorated sled. I think the second one is either a new stage play or a new room or and redecorated room.The third one is the gift catalog. (I think.). P.s i cant think of a name :\

  4. 1. Hmm looks like a car or somthing? maybe a new CP room
    2. A party room! :D
    i hope im right and…

  5. Know what would be cool but tragic? Lol! If the snow made some buildings cave in, and then there is too much snow, and something to do with Card Jitsu Snow and Christmas being cancelled or something.

  6. Ok im gonna tell you my predictions but first of all snow dojo is coming next year and there are no shadow ninjas that black thing is to prove u have a black belt and beat sensei ok for my predictions 1.Santas sled for racing? 2.Ice palace where i think you can get a Frost bitecostume and 3.A puffle in a reindeer costume cuz they always have them for penguins.

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