Club Penguin Cool in the Cold Music Video

Here is the music video for Club Penguin’s Cool in the Cold song. Like usual Club Penguin only animated a minute of the song rather than the whole thing. I will put in Club Penguin’s official upload of the music video as soon as it is available on their channel, but in the meantime here is an alternate copy. Also, do you notice two familiar Club Penguin Team members in the video? Businesmoose and Polo Field made a guest appearance! They forgot to include me though… :P

Unreleased Ice Monster costume – Jack Frost, maybe?

69 thoughts on “Club Penguin Cool in the Cold Music Video

  1. Trainman it’s DEFINITELY not an Ice Monster costume! It’s to real and the penguin just CAME FROM THE SPACE?! O.O And look at his FEET! They’re DEFINITELY not a normal feet! It’s not a penguin it’s an alien! Would be impossible for penguins wear a costume like this and the feet become deformed! NO WAY!

    -Grande Yoda

  2. Except for that last bit, CP are getting worse with these music videos, not the songs (which are getting better each time!), but I mean the PB didn’t even appear and it didn’t show anyone singing at all.

  3. My brother wanted me to pause in the moment Polo Field and Businessmoose appear (Even though it already shows them in the picture :P) and It paused in the same exact moment you did! Awesome video! Looking forward to rocking out that ice monster outfit!

  4. They Better have the tuft the fur boots and the purple vest and the brown hair in the catalog!!!! I love this song! DO you Trainman?

  5. Didn’t like it. In fact, I didn’t dislike it, I hated it. It was boring, nobody was actually singing again the penguin band weren’t actually there. My favorite is still Ghosts just wanna dance.

  6. you guys 1.that is a jack frost penguin not a costume! and
    2.he might be a villan for the holiday party
    and also… p.s. I no all this stuff because it said on his wiki.

  7. I knew it would look better in the music video!!!!!
    I was thinking of a new song or something named this “The Secret Agent countdown”
    or “The EPF Agent Countdown” or “The TOP Secret,Elite Penguin Force,Agent Countdown”,Theres a lot of name combinations.
    – Shera54321

  8. on the pictures?,i ment,how do you make the penguins on the picture icons or just pictures
    do a move or something?
    – Shera54321

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