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Dear readers of Club Penguin Memories,

Thank you very much for attending the Anti-Bullying Party on Club Penguin today. I had a smashing time, and loved meeting and greeting you all, and enjoyed having a bit of fun at your igloos. If I didn’t add you, send a request, and you will be added. I only have 265 friends on my list, so request away!

At the end, when Trainman1405 logged off, I revealed my proper igloo to the few penguins still on. They loved it, and as I logged off, one asked ‘When will your next party be?’. I think you all loved it! Who do you think should do the Club Penguin Memories Christmas Party if you think I was so good.

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Who do you think should do the Club Penguin Memories Christmas Party if you think Dj Stores was so good?

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I also earned the Party Host stamp, so I am extremely grateful for that. I just do not know how to say thank you, if there is anything, just anything I can do for you, let me know.

Lots of love,

Dj Stores

Party is over!

From earlier:

It is time to stop bullying once and for all. Join me, Trainman1405 and loads of other penguins at 8PM UK Time, on the server Pine Needles. To make this party exclusive, I will open my igloo (party starting point) at 7.45PM UK Time. Add me as a friend (I will accept everyone, my buddy list isn’t full, yet) to access my igloo at 7.30PM UK Time, and get a guaranteed seat.

Please note that I have a few ‘special’ guests coming, and please do not sit on the throne, or seats inside the laser box, or the Vampire Thrones. Same goes for the seats and sirens.

We begin at my igloo, party there for a few minutes, I and any guests will do a speech (don’t worry ninjas! I will get some Card-Jitsu mats out!). We then move on to the Cove and do a protest around the island against bullying. If we break RECORD NUMBERS a Club Penguin moderator may log on.

As we go, there will be ‘game stops’. If there are games in a room, you have 7 minutes to enjoy them before we move on. Don’t panic if you get lost, Trainman1405 has his Party Tracker at hand. The rooms we will definitely do a stop at are the Pizza Parlor, the Pet Shop, the Dance Club, the Coffee Shop. We will also visit the ‘sick patients’ at one point, nurses, get your uniform ready.

To round the event off, we will break every single one of Herbert’s silly rules directly inside his fortress! Please do NOT use your special cheats to get to the Central Command Room in his fortress. It is unfair on those who cannot do it. 

May bullying stop once and for all!

Dj Stores, a reader of Club Penguin Memories for some time now (so you might recognise the name) emailed me yesterday regarding Anti Bullying Week. While Anti Bullying Week (November 19th – November 23rd) is not an international event and only takes place in the United Kingdom, it doesn’t matter – bullying is still an issue all over the world and that needs to be recognised by everyone.

This is what was said, and I figured I would pass it along to all of you. Remember, if you or someone else is being bullied, tell an adult right away as they can help you and make it stop.

This week is Anti-Bullying Week in the United Kingdom. Bullying is something in which can really upset someone if it isn’t dealt with properly. I play Club Penguin so I can escape just going to school, and being punched (yes, a person like me, bullied) and verbally hurt. I am one of those people who find real-life hard, as I have no genuine friends, I am just one of those people nobody gets along with.

I don’t want other people to suffer like me, as bullying is unacceptable, so this week, I have planned a big event on Friday, lots of planning has gone in to this, and all will be revealed on Friday. I just need everyone to answer a few questions for me, and email them back to me on

1. Would you think a party on Club Penguin (not big CP organised one) would be nice this Friday?

2. Would a website accompanying the event help, as I have lots of activities planned, and I would hate for this to go wrong?

3. Were you aware it was Anti-Bullying Week before this was posted?

4. Were you aware of BeatBullying and their CyberMentors and MiniMentors schemes before this was posted?

5. Do you have any ideas in which would make this a HUGE spin-off event?

6. Would you be willing to donate a very small amount of money to BeatBullying? (find out about what your donation would do at

This Friday, sometime around 7.30pm UK Time, all will be revealed, stay tuned!

For those asking, 7:30 PM UK time is 2:30 PM EST and 11:30 AM PST.

Donations do the following:

£22 could pay for one of our emergency online counsellors to reach out to a suicidal child before it’s too late

£90 could pay for a seriously bullied child to complete a series of contracted counselling sessions with a BeatBullying counsellor, helping them overcome eating disorders, depression and reducing suicidal thoughts

£1500 could pay for BeatBullying to visit a school, identify and work with those that are being bullied and work with those that bully to change behaviour. This reduces violence, exclusions and bullying by up to 80%

This event now has an official website, it is but still check Club Penguin Memories for all the information about the event and the mystery server and guest…

98 thoughts on “Anti Bullying Week

  1. We learnt about that in school today, and we had to write hearts, smiles and feelings and other bullying mini pictures on letters which spell out the slogen: ‘Everybody is Somebody’

  2. I was bullied by a kid named Devin ( your name! ) in 4th grade. No last names being memtioned. It calls for a celebration to no bullying.

  3. I used to be bullied at my old school. Most of it was from people calling me names Like Teddy Bear.
    1) Yes, since there are lots of people being bullied.
    2) It would help!
    3) I’ve heard of this somewhere else before, but didn’t know the date.
    4) None.
    5) Yes. Get a website to sponsor this party! It would also be great if Club Penguin would make a mini-party for this.
    6) If I don’t have to live in the UK, then yes.
    I’m coming if I can! See y’all there! :)

  4. I think that you, Trainman, are kind hearted for posting one of your fans opinions of bullying on your blog. Im glad that you realize that bullying should be stopped. Your awesome! :D

  5. Sounds like me I was bullied a lot last year at my old school, teased and teased they just would not stop I told the teacher but the kids still wouldn’t listen. I didn’t really have any friend they all hated me and I just don’t know why. They would even cuss at me. But now I’ve moved away in with my grandparents and my dad. As for my mother well who knows its a whole different story.

  6. Before now, people called me gizmo, and some other names. I thought it was bullying then but now to me it isnt bullying since everyone calls me that on CP and i stuck with it and now i like it. A bully can be nice with names :)

  7. Nope, I can’t come to the party sadly even though I wish to go, I still have school in that time… However some penguins on CP even get bullied (I am not counting pookies, mwua mwua penguins or preps) Like some non-member penguins get cyberbullied on CP by the members, or even those annoying penguins I mentioned! Some non-members even get bullied by mwua mwua penguins (Saying them there gross, there no use or something like that; Preps, they call them nicknames also and they want that non-member to leave the room, pookies, when a non-member wants to adopt a pookie, a pookie declines because they say to that non-member, your a non member, I don’t like you, but yeah they love the cocky girl penguins) (Pookies don’t even like boy member penguins much) Those are many reasons why I hate those annoying penguins; Pookies, Mwua mwua penguins, and preps; And yet more sad since non-member lost MORE rights because many of their rights are now for members (Example the games, non-members could play EVERY Jet Pack Adventure Level, now they can ONLY play the 1st level, very sad) *Sigh* I remember when CP was totally a happy place (I know not a totally happy place with Herbert and Protobot and the test bots but it just gives some more action), I remember their catchy phrase “Waddle around and meet new penguins!”, now its “Membership means more!” and that makes the non-members MORE upset, however, I am talking about 2010 (Mainly), and 2012 (First days)

    Now here a list of stuff that I think it should have been good and better:

    1. The stamps I think its kinda a good feature, but can’t they just LOCK the member stamps to the non-members and let non-members play more levels and stuff? To let Non-members play for example, ALL the levels of Astro Barrier, however lock the member stamps, when the non-member does the thing you need to do to unlock the stamp, to lock it, to not make it appear, and give at least some more opportunities to decorate their stamp book

    2. I think there should be a SPECIAL Membership weekend, where every first weekend of the month, non-members turn into members for 3 days to experience those special features (Like Card-Jitsu Fire, Card-Jitsu Water, adopt puffles, etc.)

    3. Pookies, mwua mwua penguins and preps need to learn, because look at the real life, sometimes we need to wake up and face the truth, and be nice, because if you ONLY be mean to others, then why stay here?

    The best ship that never sinks its the Friendship.

    • And I didn’t count 2011 because 2011 had some great features too, like the Holiday Party 2011, Non-members could collect up to 12/13 stuff on CP! In the Card-Jitsu Party 2011, non-members could play Card-Jitsu Fire and Card-Jitsu Water, and also use the Water Suit and the Fire Suit, Great Snow Race, non-members couldn’t join in 2010 because it was the Mountain Expedition, however it was the SAME but this time for EVERYONE in 2011, they could even do Operation: Hibernation! In the Mountain Expedition, non-members didn’t do NOTHING for the ENTIRE month of August 2010, in the Battle of Doom, some days after the Medieval Party 2011 ended, non-members could experience Ye Knights Quest #3! Besides it was awesome and cool! The Fair 2011, TOTALLY new prizes instead of 2012 and yet almost ALL the rooms were redecorated, so that’s why I didn’t count 2011, because it was better than 2010 (Most people say 2010 was better than 2011, but that’s FALSE! Think of the parties comparing to 2010 and 2011, non-member and members features) (However I like yet 2012 MORE than 2010, because many of the last parties were great, Operation: Blackout, Adventure Party, etc.)

    • That’s a very good explanation. But I think they only have memberships now to raise money since cp is nonprofit but either way I love club penguin I’ve been tricked by somebody but I reported them right away I ended up calling myself a moron since they tricked me into saying it but anyway it’s a long story.

  8. UPDATE – I have emailed BeatBullying and Polo Field. HE COULD ATTEND AS PART OF FIELD FRIDAY! Just remembered that now.

    BeatBullying will leave me with a statement or will create a penguin and read it out in-game.

    POLO FIELD. If you are reading this, get in touch!! Any other CP Mod, GET IN TOUCH!

    • Me. And it’s Stores, it has to be plural or I will be offended. It is only from 8PM UK Time – 9PM UK Time. It will start at my igloo on the MYSTERY SERVER!!! :O

  9. I was bullied alot in my years… There seems never to be an end to it… Everyday i get named and pushed and shoved. Life is terrible for me

  10. Hey DjStories
    I was bullied alot in my years… There seems never to be an end to it… Everyday i get named and pushed and shoved. I get bullied buy 10 kids everyday one day i got beat up real bad.

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