Polo Field’s New Operation Blackout Sneak Peeks

Earlier today Polo Field sent out a tweet saying he was looking for new high-quality bloggers to send Operation Blackout sneak peeks to. So far one of the two have surfaced online.


The first image was sent to Ash66759. It looks like it is the outside of Coffee Shop. What does that look like to you?

The second image was sent to Alessio85047 and is a bit less revealing. What do you think this is?

A third sneak peek was sent to Icyjax.

57 thoughts on “Polo Field’s New Operation Blackout Sneak Peeks

  1. Looks like the front of the Coffee Shop because that is what the Coffee Shop door looks like. And around it looks like snow, and that chair is one of those that goes with the tables in front of the Coffee Shop.

    That’s what I think it is. :)

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  3. Trainman I have a theory. The whole island will get covered in snow making card Jitsu snow and the buildings will get damaged so they need to redo the whole island and it could be Novembers party! What are your thoughts Trainman?

  4. Hey Train, could you and i have a meetup sometime on club penguin? Also, could i be penguin of the week soometime? I am nearly 5 years old on cp and i have 190 stamps. my name is jbenge. Thanks Train. :>

  5. She-Ra here!!!!,
    Why does cp have to do everything new?.Just because everythings new in this year doesn’t mean you have to go with it?.no offenses or insults anything.
    – Shera54321

  6. Hey Trainman the second picture looks like the iceberg maybe we will finally be able to go under it. And also it explains the rock a bye herbet video he floated to the iceberg! could we finally go under the iceberg!?

  7. That looks like the Coffee Shop got covered with snow. (I think Operation Blackout is going to be with old Rooms since it was in the sneak peek video (Histoy video)

  8. I personally think the colder climates will cause a massive snowstorm, and if Snow Ninjas are coming out, they would have to control it? Or maybe herberts last resort will be to cause an avalanche, destroying the buildings(explains new rooms), and the snow dojo is revealed?? (fiinally settling our fears of another CJSless year..)

  9. Yeah, the old rooms will probably go after Operation: Blackout, and then we will have to build new ones (new designs) because the darkness and snow will destroy the old ones!

  10. Cool. Maybe he is going to go underground, build a lazer a destroy the sun? Then, when Club Penguin goes dark, Gary will invent new glow in the dark Uniforms and Goggles so we can see what is going on. Then we will discover that Herbert has changed Club Penguin into Club Herbert and made it more like his home land when the lights come back on. Or maybe non of that will happen and something really boring will happen that we already know how to defeat.

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