Club Penguin’s Fun Stuff Just Got A Lot More Fun

After first teasing the new community design on the Club Penguin Blog recently¬†and then temporarily delaying it, Club Penguin has released their new community design! There is a looooot to cover so I’ll just highlight things below. Check it out on Club Penguin’s website yourself to get the full experience! Zoomed out, here is the main page:

There is the slider for the latest blog post, fan art, penguins around the world, and featured igloos.

Fun Art:

Penguins Around the World:

Featured Igloos:

There is Stuff to Do, which are the fun activities.

The Penguin Poll has a new look. Below it is a link to the mobile apps page.

There are wallpapers.



There are plenty new wallpapers:

Individual pages for things such as coloring pages and fan art look like this:

Outdoor Activities:

An individual outdoor activity page!

Fan Art:

The blog also has an updated look. You can reply to comments, too! Some things to point out:

1) The party banners that update each month are gone
2) The PST clock is gone
3) No more blog RSS feed

Finally, the help page got updated.

14 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s Fun Stuff Just Got A Lot More Fun

  1. hey trainman can u make me a member or just give me a code on how to be a mamber i was hoping that u can make me :) pls

  2. Not really better. =/ Club Penguin team really needs to learn a bit more HTML5 Animation, there is lack of movement compared to the previous design. NBot bad though.

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