Club Penguin October 2012 New Igloo Sneak Peek

Polo Field has just tweeted a sneak peek of a brand new igloo that will be released tonight! It definitely looks spooky. What do you think the name of the item is? Haunted Igloo? Here is the full image:

I am definitely going to buy this! And no, going to Polo Field’s regular igloo on Club Penguin doesn’t show this full igloo – this screenshot was taken on the moderator server used for testing features before they are released to us.

16 thoughts on “Club Penguin October 2012 New Igloo Sneak Peek

  1. Hi Train! What do you think of twitter? Good or bad? I’m thinking of joining but idk whether I should or not.. and has pengable been stopped completely?

    • Twitter: I love it, been using it since July 2009. It’s a great way to connect with people and make friends.
      Pengable: I don’t know, I do nothing related to private servers. I only know what I’m told over time which is next to nothing since I am not involved with that type of stuff.

      • Pengable just started again. I’m waiting for a reply right now for an account. But Club Penguin is very awesome too!

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