Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Disney Game On Commercial

Yesterday Youngprince told me about the new Game On Club Penguin Commercial airing on Disney Channel, and after recording television for a few hours I got it! The commercial is a minute and 45 seconds long. You can watch it below. Under the video is some information about the party and then pictures from the video. Something to point out – Club Penguin switches between the PSA phone and EPF phone all throughout it…fail!

Information given:

  • The Haunted House will have a Scavenger Hunt
  • At the Scavenger Hunt you need to find five keys
  • The five keys unlock the chest containing the Ghost Goggles
  • When you wear the Ghost Goggles you can find a pathway to the Ghost Lab
  • At the Ghost Lab you can buy the Ghost Hunting Outfit
  • Members can turn into ghosts but everyone can hunt ghosts
  • The Catalogue contains items such as the Mystic Costume and Ghost Costume.

31 thoughts on “Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Disney Game On Commercial

  1. hmmm the ghost in the video does not look like the ones we can transform to… Do you think it only that (looks square-ish)

  2. Well, I doubt there’ll be the Pumpkin Basket this year. :( Unless it’s made into an unlock code for Halloween… :P

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