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This whole Summer from June to August every party was some sort of promotion. In June it was the Marvel Super Hero Takeover, in July it was the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam 2012, and in August it was the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit.

  • June Party: Advertising Marvel
  • July Party: Advertising Shake It Up
  • August Party: Advertising Innocent Smoothies

Originally all Club Penguin Parties were 3-5 days long, and almost always no more than a week long unless it was extra special. Nowadays pretty much all parties are two weeks long. I think Club Penguin had the sponsored parties due to the fact that Summer is when Club Penguin receives the most traffic, which in turn gives the companies advertising (even though Marvel and Shake It Up are owned by Disney) their thing in the game the widest audience possible.

So what are your thoughts on the sponsored advertising parties? Yay or nay? Do you like the two week long/14 days parties, or do you wish they were shorter like they used to be…or longer than two weeks? Or does it depend on the whole party? Discuss your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for the suggestion Jjoeyxx and Oarca!

38 thoughts on “Club Penguin Discussion: Sponsored Parties

  1. I don’t like advertising parties if:
    a) they bring something to unlock like innocent smoothies
    b) if comes, they are not available worldwide

    Marvel Superhero and Make your Mark were just great, nothing to complain. But Temple of Fruit was kinda ok too, but I didn’┬Ęt like that the smoothies just came available in the UK.

    And what comes to parties, I wish they were way shorter so the items came only for a short amount of time. 3-5 days.

  2. I hate it when the party is too long…It gets boring after a short while.. and I dont like advertisment parties either…altough the marvel superhero party was kind of cool

  3. Get rid of all the sponsered parties. Have parties like the water parties, old parties bring them back. Penguins would love to time travel ;) And I hate parties when they’re too long. I remember when the fire ninjas came ~ I was so bored the sky was red for like months to me. It just wouldnt end so they should be way shorter. Don’t promote anything else. Also, I saw a think on disney channel called Club Penguin Short. it showed all three shorts, sleeping sensei, puffle trouble and rockhopper one ~ it was very good.

  4. I found an exclusive, the Club Penguin published a new Tweet about a new character: DJ Steven, he maybe is gonna come with Cadence to a Party in November (Remember, Cadence changed her background). I have an image of the Tweet: < If you need it without my blog name, contact me by e-mail please :)

  5. These partys are ok, and also train here is an idea for a discussion post: should club penguin leave certain items other than pins and party hats rare?

  6. I don’t like promoted parties – I like it when Club Penguin is totally original and different. Three week parties are FAR to long, and unless there is an update then 2 week parties are too long as I normally complete everything in about 2 days.

  7. I loved the Marvel Superhero Takeover; but the parties nowadays are sort of going…like, I know they like to introduce new stuff, but can’t they bring back some of the older parties? I think that the parties, if they’re long, are okay IF they maybe could update them with a new free item (like Halloween 2009 or Christmas 06 or 07). Otherwise, they sort of go after a few days.

  8. The parties get really boring after 5 or 6 days, so I say no more 2 week parties. And promotions/product placement, as much as I despise them, could be what Club Penguin needs to stay alive as they are losing players left and right. :/

  9. I miss when Club Penguin parties were only a few days long. The only parties I enjoy having for 2 weeks are the Halloween Party, Holiday Party, and Fair. The parties just get so boring and old after a while. Also, I don’t mind the advertising as long as the parties are good. In the Super Hero Takeover, the rooms that were decorated were amazing but they left out half of the rooms on the island. I hate that. I love when parties are decorated in pretty much every room. I hate inconsistency.

  10. Well here some stuff I liked about the sponsored parties:

    Marvel Super Hero Takeover = Non-Members FINALLY got a chance to buy clothing with their COINS

    Ultimate Jam = Kinda the same as Music Jam, but with a really nice inspirational sky

    Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit = New game, new nice coffee shop, many free items

    Stuff I hate:

    Marvel Super Hero Takeover = Many violence and few rooms decorated (Plus they extended it for 1 MORE week which turned kinda boring)

    Ultimate Jam = Few rooms decorated, they JUST had the inspirational sky, Penguin Band was REALLY hard to find because of Rocky and CeCe, and I missed the original and simple Music Jam

    Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit = Few rooms decorated (Adventure Party in 2009 = Stadium, Mine Shack, Mine, Cave, and MANY more!) (Island Adventure Party 2010 and 2011 = kinda the same…) (This year’s Adventure Party = No Ski Village, no Iceberg, NO TREE FORTS! (I missed the cute birds), NO Ships (I loved that little challenge) And the new game is to ACTUALLY advertise the Innocent Smoothies, check Saraapril’s old posts to check it out) (Plus they DIDN’T brought the Innocent Smoothies worldwide, in the UK (I hope it turns worldwide since I e-mailed them and the chance to unlock those Innocent Smoothies items ends in February 2013, somewhere in that time)

    What I think they might advertise NEXT year:

    June = Phineas and Ferb party? (Summer Kick-off Party style?)
    July = Gravity Falls? (Camp Penguin + Halloween Party style?)
    August = Pair of Kings? (ANOTHER Adventure Party but advertising that show?)


  11. Well here some stuff I liked about the advertising parties:

    Marvel Super Hero Takeover = Non-members could finally spend MANY coins on items

    Ultimate Jam = Kinda Music Jam, but with a really nice inspirational sky

    Adventure Party = New game, new coffee shop

    Stuff I hated:

    Super Hero Takeover = Much violence and less rooms decorated

    Ultimate Jam = Less rooms decorated (It only had that nice sky though) and looking for Penguin Band was hard because of Rocky and Cece, also i missed the classical Music Jam, I remembered how it was simple…

    Adventure Party = Less rooms decorated (No Ships, no Iceberg, no Tree Forts, no Ski Village) The new game was about to ACTUALLY sponsor Innocent Smoothies (check Saraapril’s old post to check it out) And the promotion was ONLY for UK, I hope it becomes worldwide soon since I e-mailed CP, and they said that the promotion will be on until somewhere in February 2013.

    The parties I think it might happen NEXT Summer:

    June = Phineas and Ferb (Summer Kick-off Party?)
    July = Gravity Falls (Camp Penguin + Halloween Party combined?)
    August = Pair of Kings (Another Adventure Party?)


    And about the long/short parties, maybe they should do it like 2 or 3 weeks but adding SOMETHING new


  12. I do like 2 weeks long, as long as it’s a good party. Which was all but two of the parties this year (and they were the shortest if I believe). I like advertising, as long as it’s good. I liked the fruit party, but not the smoothies. (even though I was able to get the codes, I perfer fairness) Like, I loved the Marvel party (3 weeks long; that’s a record) and I loved the Ultimate Jam, the best two parties this year. You know, until Halloween. But if they start advertising Coke with a soda party, I would probably boycott Coke (which I hope never happens, because I like Coke). But as long as the party is good, I’m happy. Luckily, the next three months are AD-FREE! :D

  13. The Marvel Superhero Party was AMAZING! Ultimate Jam was very cool too, but Temple of Fruit? Eh… not that great. Would prefer a Water Party or something different.

    It’s ok if parties are two weeks long as long as they add more stuff on the second week. I like that they add new Fair items on the second week instead of releasing them all on the same day, because we’d just get the items in two days and never come back to the Fair.

    I agree with Phineas99’s idea of having a Phineas and Ferb party. That would be VERY cool and would attract lots of people.

    So, overall, yes, sponsored parties are ok as long as stuff is available worldwide, unlike Innocent smoothie codes, and the ads are not too… what’s the word? Overwhelming? Like when the ads are just too much and it makes you feel uncomforable.

  14. Well the Marvel Party was kinda cool and the Ultimate Jam was kinda horrible. Well I kinda like the Shirts Rock catalog and how it has a special pass. But this year there is NO pass or anything. It was just Rocky and Cece which sucked and yeah. The worst of them all is the temple of fruit. It sucks way to much, expect the challenges but I think CP could improve. For example CP has NO common sense or any logic at the Temple of Fruit. How can Rockhopper bring THIS many fruit and a huge volcano? But the worst part was the Innocent Smoothies. CP is telling kids that you almost HAVE to buy the Innocent Smoothies because of some ugly stuff and some okay stuff. Also its not like a eReader or a Disney castle code because you NEED 8 smoothie codes to get the stuff (Pretty expensive!) It also sucked how CP picked a UK company and not a worldwide company. But overall here is my voting for each parties (1 to 5 stars):

    Marvel Superhero Party: ****
    Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam: ***
    Adventure Party: Temple Of Fruit: *

  15. Yeah, I remember when Club Penguin did a few parties and they would only be on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For example:

    -Western Party (2007 only)
    -Camping Party
    -Winter Fiesta (All THREE of them were only 3 days long!)

  16. My opinions:
    Marvel Takeover: cool and fun, all those nonmembers get to buy stuff.

    Ultimate Jam: ok, but got boring after the second week. CeCe and Rocky mascots was a bad move.

    Temple Of Fruit: A great party, except I don’t like the story. Fruit? Really CP? And also, Innocent Smoothies codes were only in UK. Why always UK?

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