There Will Be No Club Penguin Fair 2012 Sneak Peek Video

While not all of you have a Twitter account, for those of you who do, you probably noticed that when the Club Penguin Team is working on a new video, Polo Field, who works for Club Penguin, will post a tweet saying so. It occurred to me that he never said anything about working on a sneak peek video for The Fair, so I went ahead and asked him if there will be a sneak peek video. I received a response a short while later saying that no, there will be no Fair sneak peek video. With that said, so far the only sneak peek from Club Penguin is the one Happy77 posted on the Club Penguin Blog several days ago.

So there’s your heads up on that. Most likely tomorrow (Tuesday) I’ll post my usual information roundup on The Fair and what I know and predict.

20 thoughts on “There Will Be No Club Penguin Fair 2012 Sneak Peek Video

  1. Either that or they’re hiding the fact it could be the same as last year, only you can save your tickets. Nothing has jumped out at me yet.

  2. Like I said. No video=flying fair and they don’t want us to know it flys. Also, I think the blackout will have to do with CJ shadow. It would make sense. The ninja and the EPF could work together to defeat the protobot. Eh, I don’t know. Sometimes when we think we got CP figured out, they surprise us (which is mainly the reason I played for all these years)

  3. Well, I just think that pretty much all the decorations will be the same as last year, so there wouldn’t really be a point to post a video. Since they mostly decorated everything different last year, I think they will stick with this design for a year or two then completely re-do it again. Same thing with the Halloween Party and the Holiday Party.

  4. It may have everything to do EPF Having an event this month, I think that by that summer is already ending in CP, ee Herbert loves heat … And how the operation will be 100? Hopefully be special, right?

  5. I’m actually kind of glad there is no sneak peek video. Lately, they have been giving out way too much information on parties. Like at the Ultimate Jam, all the items were on the log in screen, so there isn’t really anything to look forward to or surprises. So, with that said. Can’t wait for the surprises of The Fair ;) on Thursday! :D

  6. Even without the video, CP has been awfully quiet with info about the Fair to begin with. I guess we’ll just have to find out on Thursday.

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