Still Access The Big Kahuna Rooms On Club Penguin!

The Adventure Party might be over, but you can still access the Big Kahuna and its temple! As far as I am aware you cannot get the items, although I would not recommend trying to get them just in case it bans your penguin.

To access the top of the temple, log in to Club Penguin with this link.

To go inside the temple, log into Club Penguin with this link.

You can then waddle through the temple to the other room.

14 thoughts on “Still Access The Big Kahuna Rooms On Club Penguin!

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  2. I found a glitch! If you’re a non-member and go into the temple, if you go to the cave it says “OOPS! You must be a member to access the Rooftop at the puffle party. Learn more about membership”. Isn’t that weird?

  3. It’s not really that weird cos cp don’t have to bother about it as the links only for when you click on a login screen ~ it’ll take you to that exact room that it wants to take you to. Like the Crash the Party screen ~ the link is 100 some guy called me went and figured something clever ~ room id for party is 851 so i just do that and bingo! Same with rockhopper’s ship though i dont think it works much 420 is the number. Train, do you know where you origanally found these links ~ wasn’t it perapin a year ago? Then you used it every month, right?

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