Loustik005 Visits Igloos – Summer 2012 [Club Penguin Video]

Club Penguin’s French YouTube channel has a new video, uploaded by Loustik005. In it he visits igloos in the Summer and features them in the video. I have a feeling that Club Penguin will be doing something similar for the other languages too in the near future – what do you think?

Also, here is a translation from Google Translate:

At 0:07 Loustik005 says: And your favorite drink? The cream soda?
At 0:10 Baad Boy says: yes
At 0:16 Loustik005 says: CROC!
At 0:18 Loustik005 says: Swimmers take vitamins
At 0:23 Loustik005 says: GO!
At 0:29 Loustik005 says: a mullet!
At 0:38 Loustik005 says: Take a nap!
At 0:40 Loustik005 says: The perfect igloo!
Finally, at 0:45 Loustik005 says: Yummy pineapple!

At the end they link to Club Penguin’s French Twitter account which confirms it is really them.

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  1. Rookie is online for construction like the Penguin Band was for the Ultimate Jam. Sadly I don’t have any proof but he was on Deu Branco at the Beach right before I sent this comment.

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