Club Penguin Rookie Tracker September 2012

After being told Rookie is currently online, I have confirmed that he is indeed waddling around Club Penguin early before the party starts. He will not be giving out his new background until next week when the party starts, however.

Here is Rookie’s current location:

Rookie Tracker 2012

Tips on finding Rookie on your own

Rookie is mainly found in crowded servers, but can and will visit more quiet ones. You have the best chance finding him in any of the dimension rooms.

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19 thoughts on “Club Penguin Rookie Tracker September 2012

  1. Yay I met him in Zero Grau (pourtgues) right now! I’m have joined in May 2012 I know early so I got his old April fools BG! Now I seem rarer than I am! Double Yay!

  2. Why does the server say To be at and the place says The fair? The fair is not here yet. I think it means hes not waddling around the island early anymore.

  3. For me it still says that your currently tracking Rockhopper. To see what I mean, check and click the trackers page. Oh, and do you like my blog Train?

    Plz Reply Soon!
    – Blue 28z

  4. Websites can be hard at firrst then easier
    Jjust check out mine is easy just dooont copy unles you ask

    sorry if this messy this on a mobile phone

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