Club Penguin Sending Some 7 Day Memberships In New Parent Update

Earlier today I posted about the new Club Penguin Parent Update for this month. Shortly afterwards I was told by @IJamesCP on Twitter that he got one that had a free membership code (7 days) instead of a section on bullying, which you can read in my original post.

Free Club Penguin Membership

This is not the first time Club Penguin has mailed out a free 7 day membership, as last month during the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit some lucky penguins were sent a free code to redeem.

Club Penguin membership includes benefits such as being able to access more game levels, stamps, purchase items from clothing and furniture catalogues, the ability to decorate your igloo with a wide variety of designs and furniture items, and more. Club Penguin membership has been available ever since the game exited beta on October 24, 2005. You can buy Club Penguin memberships in one month, six month, and 12 month forms. In June 2009 and again earlier this year Club Penguin ran a special 3 month membership promotion. Recently Club Penguin also added the ability to unlock exclusive items along with your membership with special membership cards. Last month prices on membership were slightly raised to the current prices.

19 thoughts on “Club Penguin Sending Some 7 Day Memberships In New Parent Update

  1. Trainman, I seen a Halloween party club penguin commercial! It’s cool! At the 2 penguins are standing in a haunted house and then one says “I dare you!” That is all I remember of the talking.

  2. I found a glitch.When you edit your igloo to change it,click on your penguin.You can change it`s clothing and pin items. :D

  3. i been looking everywhere for a membership code, i would be happy with a 2 day membership lol..but will be hard to get money :) but i have money ready to buy the things i whant….PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ help me out….my mom keeps saying that she wont spend money on games lol

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