Club Penguin Sending 7 Day Memberships and Buy Membership Emails To Select People

While I don’t know how Club Penguin is determining who to send the codes to, they are sending free 7 day membership codes to some email addresses that are registered with the game.

Free Club Penguin Membership

I’m guessing they are being sent to nonmember penguins who live in the United States, but that’s just a guess and I could be completely wrong.

On the other hand, others are getting emails to buy a membership.

Thanks Troy7826, S0pecreek, and Graser10.

21 thoughts on “Club Penguin Sending 7 Day Memberships and Buy Membership Emails To Select People

  1. Well, I don’t live in the United States, but I’m still glad they arent doing this for the UK. ( IF you’re right about the “Not selling in other places besides the US though.)

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  4. Trainan! I emailed CP about the free 7 day membership.This is their reply:
    Since we partnered with the team at innocent to bring our UK players some exclusive in-game items for their penguin, we also decided to run a competition to give them a chance to make their own smoothie recipe at the home of innocent smoothies in London, Fruit Towers!

    As part of this competition we were giving each person that enters a free 7 day membership, but due to a recent issue with this area of the innocent microsite we had to remove the free membership from the competition.

    We are not currently running any other competitions or promotions for penguins to earn free memberships, but keep your eyes peeled for any promotions in your area! A good place to watch is the What’s New Blog, because Happy77 and the team like to keep us all up to date on the latest Club Penguin news. You can visit the blog at the link below:

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