Club Penguin Magazine In Mexico

While you may not be able to understand the video if you don’t speak Spanish, basically it is an “unboxing” of the first ever Spanish Club Penguin magazine, found at Wal-Mart in Mexico for the price equivalent of 40 pesos. Free items that come with the magazine issue are the Pirate Coat and Saxophone.

This means the Club Penguin Magazine is available in the United Kingdom in English, in Portuguese in Brazil (unsure about Portugal), and in Spanish in Mexico. (if you live in Spain and see it, let me know!)

Special thanks to @benjr3 for filming the video and @asca91955CP for bringing it to my attention.

31 thoughts on “Club Penguin Magazine In Mexico

  1. Mush more cool, the magazine in México! will be which is the first edition? if they capricharam enough in the magazine’s Mexican CP. 2000 Moneys, codes of garment, of membership. Incridible!

  2. Hi train i know this sound weird but the club penguin sticker album is released in Romania.Here’s a proof know you dont understand anything but please post thus!

  3. Listen to this: I met Rookie and got his background and stamp on Google Chrome. I put on his background, and put his stamp on my stampbook. I logged out, logged in again on IE8, and I still had his stamp (but not on my stampbook) but his background wasn’t in my invetory. What should I do?

  4. I wish it came here in Finland available to buy.. I can always order it from Internet, but gosh it is more expensive.. I pay already 7,5 euros per magazine while you guys get it so cheap I guess.

  5. WAT! Only 1500 coins in UK. They get 2000 coins. Club Penguin have only been releasing a magazine in the UK as they have been under heat by EGMONT bragging about Bin Weevils Magazine. Their magazine was announced in December. Club Penguin Magazine was announced around 8-10 days before the first issue released.

    In my honest opinion, while having a magazine of Club Penguin is cool, is it really necessary for Club Penguin to extend their line of products this far? Being owned by Disney is enough to brag about.

  6. Do you have any idea if the magazine issues will come in order? Will they even be the same ones they released in the UK and Brazil?

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