Club Penguin Is Launching New Memberships Unlocking Exclusive Items Soon

Along with Club Penguin releasing the 19 new items in the Treasure Book today, seven other new unlockable items were added to Club Penguin’s files. Pretty much all but a few of them are brand new and unreleased, and I know where they’re from – or going to be from.

Recently I received a tip from Djf saying he saw a Club Penguin membership card advertisement at the store Safeway advertising new memberships with new unlockable items. I believed it, I just needed pictures to post it. Well, now I have enough proof to back it up – the items he mentioned such as the Snow Launcher are now listed in Club Penguin’s files! One other thing Djf mentioned is the membership advertisement did contain Club Penguin’s slightly new logo that is also printed on the Club Penguin Quiz Cards. Here are those items. I do not know if *all* of the items are with memberships or if just some of them are. You might recall the old memberships with exclusive items like the Speed Boat from April.

Update: Here’s the official confirmation. :-)

Snow Launcher

Happy Birthday Hat

Snowstorm Suit

Pink Hip Hop Hoodie

Blue Hip Hop Hoodie

And then the Jet Pack and Tricorn Hat, old items, are also now listed as unlockable in Club Penguin’s files. Maybe for a Club Penguin magazine?

UPDATE: The Tricorn Hat can be unlocked and the Jet Pack is from a membership code.

Oh, and before I forget – it looks like the Gingerbread Costume (for members) will be returning this year under the name Gingerbread Man. The Chullo will also be returning with the name Chullo Hat.

45 thoughts on “Club Penguin Is Launching New Memberships Unlocking Exclusive Items Soon

  1. The magazine wouldn’t release old items, because that would make lots of people buy it less. They will make new items so people buy it for the code.

    • No do you use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc? Or does CP work for you now? And I can’t right now, doing school for a few hours.

    • Hey Kitten, I don’t post codes that come with Club Penguin magazines since you need to buy it to unlock it. Thanks though!

  2. Hey Trainman1405;

    1. I mostly see you as the fırst one who comments. Well, my question is how do you get published?

    2. How do you make a website without Blogger/Wordpress etc. ?

    3. How do you find those pictures?

    Thx ;)

    • Hey Peti,

      1. I dunno, I just comment and sometimes they approve it lol. I’m just quick.
      2. I do actually use WordPress for my site. Without Blogger/Wordpress you have to make your own .html files and put them on a server.
      3. Magic ;-) Jk they’re in Club Penguin’s (somewhat of a secret) files.

  3. I want a code for hair,clothes,and puffles of diffrent colour for non members………..plz…………..!
    your sincerly =D ANUSHA 22 <3

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