Trainman1405 In Real Life: Beach

As promised, I am now continuing the Trainman1405 In Real Life series of posts. This one is about the beach. Back in May I went to the shore for the weekend. Out of boredom I took some pictures (and a video!) along the way. Without further adieu, here is a very plain narration of a weekend in May. It’s a rather long trip to the beach – several hours of sitting.


More drivin’

The city

More of the city


More city (big city!)

City and water and bridge


Getting closer!

Can you see the buildings at the shore in the far distance?

Wet grasses

Water and a random person fishing or something like that

Open grass and water


Slowly getting there!


VERY close (fun fact: I drove a boat under this bridge two Summers ago)

More of the photo above

In the beach town

The town

The hotel

Eating dinner on the boardwalk

A boardwalk ride

Walking on the boardwalk at night

Go karts under the boardwalk

A short clip of me riding swings on the boardwalk – yeah, that’s me speaking

Cars were speeding and drifting and burning rubber so there were police hanging around

…and then I woke up with sunburn. We went home.


32 thoughts on “Trainman1405 In Real Life: Beach

  1. They have those “swings” were I live at some amusement park :P Just like those except color variation (who cares?) Epic stuff. That sunburn must’ve hurt.

    • Believe me, it did. Even taking showers hurt. :( The vice principal at my school even commented on it haha.

  2. Wow y’all are smart. Yeah, that’s Wildwood I went to. I don’t live in New Jersey or Pennsylvania though. :-)

    • Yup, I’m the one holding the camera. (except for the picture of sunburn – my younger brother took that photo for me)

    • Ehh.. Cancer is usually passed down through the genes or something, right? Plus, getting sunburn doesn’t actually mean you get Cancer, although it gets affected and all. Dark people have a lesser chance of getting skin cancer. :)

  3. XD I’m late at stuff. Now, what a wonderful beach and carnival that was! I never got a burn in mah lifeee… amazing.

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