Club Penguin’s ‘The Party Starts Now’ Ringtone On iTunes

While the official full length song of DJ Cadence’s ‘The Party Starts Now’ won’t be on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon MP3 until Tuesday July 17th, iOS users can purchase the ringtone (for iPhones) of the song from the official iTunes store application on iOS devices. Just search for The Party Starts now. The ringtone is 29 seconds long and costs $1.29 in United States dollars. The regular song will cost $1.29 also.

Club Penguin 'The Party Starts Now' iTunes Ringtone

Thanks for the tip, Digo900!

18 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s ‘The Party Starts Now’ Ringtone On iTunes

    • How does it encourage kids to want a cell phone? It’s just a 29 second ringtone. You do realize some teenagers play Cp. Disney isn’t forcing you to buy the ringtone. I’ve been wanting a cell phone years before this song was made. It doesn’t bug my parents if I ask for a cell phone all the time. All they have to do is say no.

      • …and then there are 17 year old teenagers like me who don’t even own a cell phone and never have. :P

    • How does it encourage? You answered your own question. “Its just a 29 second ringtone”, and that’s meant for cellphones. My comment was clearly targeting kids, not teenagers. Also, not every parent is like your parents.

      All I am saying is, if kids see this, no doubt, will it instill encouragement just to get their hands a cellphone, and that’s what some parents don’t want.

    • If they like the song, they don’t need a phone to listen to it. They can put it on their ipod or MP3 Player, or their computer. It doesn’t make me want a cell phone any more than I did a week ago.

    • I’m not too familiar with copyright laws like that, but think of it as taking a video camera to the cinema and recording the movie. That’s illegal, so I’d assume recording audio of copyrighted works would be illegal too.

  1. Traiman,i have got the link of the video complete “the party is now”(in spanish) link:

  2. Train :D G Billy and cece jones are following my Twitter :D and i was tweeting with G billy and Cece and i asked Cece if she and rocky would have a signed background and they said “YES” :) and the Penguin band will give randomly at the party 1 or 2 times a day a location of them on the island during the party :)
    and G billy said that Franky may come online today and he ment the servers franky visted yesterday ( Iceland )

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