Reblog: What Does Club Penguin Need To Do?

Yesterday Club Penguin Blogger Lebron Jr 23 published a rather interesting post about Club Penguin and what they should do in the future to appeal to more users. His post starts off with the following preamble:

If you are not a part of the Club Penguin Twitter world, I am here to fill you in on what you are missing. Today, many penguins flocked to the subject of old Club Penguin. Many thought Club Penguin was better a few years ago, others said Club Penguin is fine the way it is. A lot of people like to blame Disney for any problems with Club Penguin but I don’t like pointing the finger at the Mouse. No matter who we want to blame, it is obvious that a large group of penguins have a problem with the current state of Club Penguin. This is what leads us to the question, “What Does Club Penguin Need To Do?”

Here’s a quick excerpt from the middle of his writing:

The average player back in 2006 was about 9-12 years old. This means that these players are now around 18+ years old! I call these players, Generation 1, and trust me, most of these players are no longer playing. So, Why doesn’t Club Penguin go back to some of the original parties that earned them fame to begin with. If these parties were a hit with generation 1 Club Penguin players, chances are they will be a hit with generation 2 as well! I think generation 2 will also get a kick out of seeing pieces of Club Penguin’s history. Some notable parties that could be brought back are the Winter LuauWestern PartyWater Party, Summer Party and color release parties like the Lime Green Party. Also, even celebrating the release of a new room like the Lighthouse was a really cool party!  Simple Club Penguin parties but a lot of fun! I understand some of these parties had very rare items that Club Penguin may not want to bring back, but maybe they could have new items that are inspired by the old rare items. For example, instead of having another red lei at the Luau, have a green lei!

While I don’t agree with absolutely everything in his post (we all have opinions, eh?) I do think it’s a very good read you should check out. Lebron makes some very valid points about Club Penguin and “generation 2” as he calls it. If you want to read the full post you can check it out on his website here. Let me know what you think of it! A post of mine you could read that’s somewhat similar would be Why Disney Hasn’t Ruined Club Penguin from July 30, 2011.

One other thing: Many people that say they want “Old CP back” were not even there to begin with.

29 thoughts on “Reblog: What Does Club Penguin Need To Do?

  1. Just miss the old CP… I love the party’s music, and the simple decorations…
    The free items were BETTER, example ice skates. Now the free item is anvil to your head… :(

    • Haha I agree, free items were quite random lately… octopus hat? Anvil hat? Really? xD It’s always usual of Club Penguin to release awesomely free items for some months, and weird ones after. It’s been that way for somewhile now lol, we only got an Anvil hat after the long-time members only Ghost costume in October and the cool body, head free items we got last December
      BUT I see a bright future as of free items. Take a look at the last 2 parties: Medieval party had a free non-members quest with 3 used-to-be-members-only items and during the Marvel party a catalogue for ALL players! It has never been before that Club Penguin released a full catalog for free players.

  2. I would say old cp was really awsome and the new cp too
    In old cp they give cool rare items. but then…
    cp stop giving rare items in 2011
    but now in 2012 they continue giving them!
    and now theyre more cool
    and sometimes…
    they give items of 2009 2008 2007!
    disney isnt an evil company
    they just want to make happy the kids
    and the teens that play cp say that new cp sucks because they played in old cp.
    but look at the new cp at the posts that cp puts, LOTS LOTS of people comment: I love it! ITS AWSOME! I cant wait!!
    old cp and new cp are THE SAME THING :D

    • wow. you are SO wrong.
      Old CP- Simple parties, simple items,which makes it a little boring, yet fun.
      New CP- too many wigs, product placement and third-party promotions, meant to be played by younger kids, somewhat fun.

      THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. But I like both. I think that the ideal CP would be a bit of a mix of the two.

  3. Eh. I dont really like old CP. I knew about club penguin years before disney bought it but i simply did not play it because i didnt like it before disney bought it. Even though i do agree that these penguins who blame disney and do not like current club penguin BECAUSE of disney must have something extremely sharp in their brains thats making it hurt like heck i have to say im a much bigger fan of new club penguin than i was old cp. My favorite event so far this year has been the MARVEL party ,i know ultimate jam will be just exciting (I DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW TO LIKE!) and the fruit party seems awesome. Its nice CP is encouraging the younger players to eat more fruit (i already probably eat 12 oranges ,apples and bananas a day. When we go to the grocery store sometimes i have to beg my mom to buy more hehe with the doughnuts of course… Cant enough sweet ,juicy ,frosted ,circular dougnu- oh um back on topic) i think that club penguin is taking a HUGE step in right direction here. As someone said about NEW CP!! *fireworks spelling NEW CP* and *sighs and starts mumbling* old cp… *back to normal* are *sigh* the same thing. But some people just have their favorites. Although i agree the preps and pookies could use some toning down but i have no problem with them as long as they start communicating with me directly. Then i usually just leave the room or do my best to be nice and finish the conversation quickly so i can get my next in-game stop (that would usually be EPF because i love imagining herberts back or the protobot is coming so i can save club penguin! With my sidekick flare of course.) I love club penguin CLUB PENGUIN!!! IT ROOOOCKS! CLUB PENGUIN 4EVA!

    • I agree. I always like to see something new on CP instead of the traditionals (unless it’s Winter Fiesta or St. Patricks day, BRING EM BACK CP)

  4. If they really are bringing back old parties, I can not wait to experience them! I only join CP in August 2010, but played for real in late November! Although, I like the new parties, but the Fruit Party does not sound “tasty” in my opinion.

  5. Honestly, I enjoy both old and new CP. Old CP was cool, I remember CPIP (still got my red hard hat), and new CP is more modern and up to times. And like Lebron said, don’t blame Disney. If you didn’t know, they left the original owners in charge. Technically, if you want to put it like this, Disney spent $350 million to get it more money. Plus the $350 million. So don’t blame disney, blame Lane. (and don’t blame Lane, he’s too awesome to be blamed upon, so just blame yourself).

  6. There are “black-days” I think, for example, when the stamp book released (non-members can’t get all levels in mini-games) the new newspaper, unlock item online (24th October, 2008) the first party that has member room, when the new website releases, the day when chat-filter released (one of the worst day, because I can’t speak my own language anymore, also no numbers or dots) when do old smiley gone, Card-Jitsu etc.

    I think the clothes are also not as good… These “Hannah Montana” clothes, or animal costumes aren’t cool. I’d like better the friendly hoodies, sunglasses more… I also don’t like the new igloos (warehouse, really?).
    I hate the HIDDEN pins. In the past they were small and they was hidden, but now, they are big, so high like the penguins.

    Water and summer party gives me a long and fun playtime. I remember, in the summer party there were 7 free items. Well the new partys not so bad, but I’d like better the old ones, when there were added 1-2 friendly decoration. And that great musics… By the way I like Halloween Party forever and 2012’s Puffle Party was quite good.

  7. I also don’t like that Disney’s themes going to Club Penguin (Marvel, Shake It Up). And the re-designed rooms and games (Pet Shop, Dance Lounge, Book Room, Bean Counters) are not so good as the old ones.

    • Disney isn’t responsible for the redesigning, but they did play a part in their themed parties. They just want to try something new and see if people like it. If no one likes it, it won’t come again.

  8. Disney ruined anything but the only good thing they did THE ONLY it’s the Coin For Change. The Shake It Up and Marvel parties sucks! With the STUPID BABYSH POOKIES AT THE PET SHOP. Club Penguin is getting for baby since Disney bought them. Look the items in 2005,2006,2007 and 2008 that wasn’t for babies. REST IN PEACE OLD CP. PS: CLUB PENGUIN ARE CALLING THE BUGS WITH THEIR BORING FRIEND LIST I CAN’T SEE PERSONS IN THE ROOM OMG…. REST IN PEACE OLDCP

    • Disney isn’t responsible for babys, people make their own suggestions. And how are there baby clothes? I don’t remember a diaper ever being available, or a pacifier.

    • @Fishandfries
      Correct you are! Some random person wanted a child on Club Penguin, and some random person wearing a sun dress, earmuffs, a boa, and holding a bear. The person came to this person and named it “Pookie”. (I don’t know it thats the real story, I just know that disney is not responsible for it. Oh, and I said “Person” too much. XD)

  9. Okay, first off, while Lebron says CP may not want to bring back items such as the Hawaiian Lei, they will eventually, as they’ve promised all items will return. And replacing it with a green lei – not something I would get. I like Club Penguin in any generation it is (as I had a penguin in generation 1) and I think their parties could need a tad improvement (I think the Underwater Expedition was their worst this year) but I’m fine the way it is. Disney isn’t responsible for “pookies” because that’s just penguins having fun (can’t you imagine stuff?) and remember when you wanted mascots to add you? Now you can, and who do you thank? Disney and Club Penguin. I’d like some old parties to come back, but they’re going to do what they want anyways. I don’t hate Club Penguin (I do hate the Ultimate Jam’s THEME) but I think they can improve. I personally like a lot they’ve done this year but yes, it needs improvement. :)

  10. I don’t understand the people that say “Disney ruined CP” If you think they did, why not quit.. I mean neither CP nor Disney is forcing you to play the game. So that’s my opinion.

  11. I would like classic parties back, just, you know, more “New” looking. Like, I thought the water party looked cool! How about adding a water party ONLY play at the stage? I like party only plays… :)

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