Why Disney Hasn’t Ruined Club Penguin

While not all of us think this, it seems like a large majority of penguins complain about Disney and say “they ruined Club Penguin”. While we all have our own personal opinions, Disney didn’t ruin Club Penguin. If you look at the whole picture they did a lot for the better.

First off, I find it extremely ironic when penguins are at the Dock on Sleet protesting “We want the old Club Penguin back!”, when they weren’t even at the “old CP”, after looking at the pins in the back of their Stamp Book to judge the penguin’s age. As many of us know, Disney purchased Club Penguin for $350 million. If they reached performance targets in through 2009, they would receive another $350 million, totaling $700 million. However, I think they didn’t reach the targets they needed to double their cash. Anyway, as I stated above, Disney has done a lot for Club Penguin. They didn’t ruin it, they just opened up new possibilities. They enabled Club Penguin to do more inside and outside of the game, as they had more cash.

Some of the big things Disney purchasing Club Penguin let them do was expanding the game – the website and game was only supported in English, with servers for the main countries of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. As Club Penguin grew in popularity it attracted users from different foreign countries, whose languages were not supported in the game. With Club Penguin being bought by Disney they were able to take the time to expand their offices, hire more employees, and translate the game into multiple languages – Spanish, French, Portuguese, and soon to be(?) Chinese.

Please note we don’t hate Disney, it was just an example of what penguins say. ;)

Another thing Disney let Club Penguin do was expand their online store. Back in 2006 and 2007 (unsure about 2005) they had a store with basic clothing and accessories – they had stuff like a black hoodie with a Purple Puffle on it, t-shirts with the Club Penguin logo, and small Puffle keychains. That was about it. You had to order the merchandise online and have it shipped to your house. (when it was shipped to your house it also came with a few free Club Penguin stickers! My brother actually ordered the Club Penguin hoodie a long time ago. The following Summer at the beach we actually saw someone else with it on, too) Anyway, with Disney they let Club Penguin expand their shop – they made video games for the Nintendo Wii and DS, made assorted items such as plush toys, Card-Jitsu cards, etc, and rather than only being able to order it online, they enabled you to be able to go to the store and purchase it. Many penguins say “they’re only doing it for the money!” That’s partially true. Penguins requested toys and whatnot, so after enough demand they started to get the things manufactured. ALL companies sell products to make money – everyone needs money to live, do we not? Companies need to make profit to exist.

A third and final thing I wanted to touch base on it the “repeat parties” and “repeat clothes/dumb clothes”. Ever since the beginning of Club Penguin there has been repeats after the first year or two after starting out and the main foundation was laid out. Some of these repeat (and traditional!) parties include the St. Patrick’s Day Party, Summer Party, April Fools Day Party, Christmas Party, and more recent, things such as the Medieval Party, Music Jam, and Adventure Party. Back in May 2007 and 2008 there was new rooms – the underground and Forest/Cove. After that Club Penguin filled in the big May event with the Medieval Party. In June 2006 & 2007 we had the Summer Parties. In July 2006 & 2007 we had the Western Party and Water Party. While I don’t know why Club Penguin has stopped doing the Summer Parties, the two Western Parties, and Water Parties, they were simply replaced with recurring parties. Another complaint about the parties is they have repeat decorations. That is true, from 2008 and on for most parties that are repeated the decorations are the same. That is because when the parties were brand new for the first time ever, everything had to be created. Is it a crime to reuse old material? Nope! Club Penguin does try their best to change things at parties. It can be rather time consuming to redo a whole room. Don’t believe me? The old newspaper design took 100 hours to make per issue! Then there is the repeat clothing and furniture as I said I was going to talk about earlier. When the game started Club Penguin did basic everyday items – hoodies, ball caps, hats, t-shirts, etc. As more and more of the basic clothes were created, it meant they would have to start getting a little bit more creative. They then started to take the everyday items and transform them to give them designs and make them cooler. In my opinion, I think older penguins such as me are used to the old and basic items, as it’s what we “lived with” in the beginning of the game. Then with the furniture, when the game first started out it was a lot of repeats! Once month it was the basic blue furniture, another the purple furniture, green furniture, and so forth. Over time they would throw in other creative items such as lava lamps, plants, etc. The original igloos were recolored too – they started out as blue and they made the pink and grey igloos. As you can see, Disney isn’t the bad guy!

All in all, I just wanted to have you all open your eyes and see Disney isn’t the bad guy, they’re just going with the flow and doing what penguins demand. :)

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  1. In some ways, it is better. I’m perfectly fine with Disney, except there are too many “prep” clothes, too many wigs and stuff. Would like to see cooler costumes and hats, other than that Disney does a great job.


  2. You’re right! Many penguins say that Disney ruined Club Penguin, but they’re wrong! I tried to explain to many penguins this but they don’t listen. Good that you posted this so that more penguins think on the smart way.

  3. The only problem that i have with clubpenguin is the Clubpenguin Babies, and “preps” who hang around the stadium. Disney is the reason why clubpenguin is still around.

  4. i think disney ruined it ONLY because they stopped loads of partys got another had it for 1 or 2 years move on its really confusing. :| the preps r really horrible and go on about the lockers with the name ali on it its a stadium not college!! i liked it when u could type numbers and have the skull emote! non members only get hats but in the past they got things like t shirts. in my beta account i had stuff like the red and blue lei lighthouse t shirt black pirate boots. in my non beta account i only have the geta sandles the ice cream apron and the santa beard and COUNTLESS hats!! i have no problem except that

    • Disney didn’t bring the preps. Players CHOSE to dress up like cheerleaders. Disney had nothing to do with that. The stadium is a place for football players and cheerleaders. Let them be cheerleaders. Let me them be who they wanna be.
      Don’t blame Disney for the choices of others, cuz that’s just stupid.

    • CP is now giving away body items, too. At the Medieval party, non members were able to pick up the black knight’s suit. At the Takeover party, Nonmembers got a money bag, two backgrounds, a robber suit, and an interview hat. Also, Disney didn’t make preps. People just chose to go to the Stadium and be a prep. They removed the skull emote because parents were sending messages telling them to remove it because it meant death. They removed numbers because people (not very smart ones) were giving out their phone numbers.

    • I’m sorry to inform you, but I joined in 2006. I’m not sure about you, but I’m older than you, and if you joined 2005-2006, you’d understand that CP is MUCH worse. :/

      • Agreed! I came in 2007 and there was no little baby pookies and weird fashion clothes. Also, the parties are now lame and the new penguins act like spoiled brats who know everything. So if u came any time after 2010, sorry to say, you are a spoiled brat.

          • Actually, I came after 2010 and I didn’t care whither my penguin or other penguins were rare or not, And you’re saying I am a spoiled brat just because I came after 2010? That’s just rude, Yeah some of us are like “WE WANT RARE ITEMS FREE! GIVE US FREE MEMBERSHIP!!!1” But it doesn’t mean that is all of us, Some of us are actually quite nice and say “Hey, You look nice today!” And want to start no drama, And you are trying to start drama, I know I shouldn’t be feeding the trolls, But I felt like I needed to make a response before someone believes it, But of course I made a response (almost) a year later but oh well, And this is the reason why I don’t care about being rare, Most of them brag about it so others can get jealous, Which can lead to a chain of that happening over and over again to other penguins until club penguin ends and most of us join Animal Jam or something, People like you are making a chain, It’s rude, I’m not one of them, If you want to say that fine, But prepare to be criticized, But to be honest, It’s almost the opposite of what you said… Not saying EVERYONE from 2007 and before is a spoiled brat, But most of them, It is the harsh truth being said, And just you saying people from 2010 and after is a brat can count as cyber-bullying, So be careful what you say, It might make more penguins have that chain, We want to protect penguins from being spoiled brats, Now correct me if I am wrong in here, But I am saying that most penguins from 2011 and under are mostly the spoiled brats here.

            TL;DR: You’re too lazy to read my post? Rude.

            Real TL;DR: You’re too ignorant to think and figure things out.

  5. Why is everyone saying Disney brought the preps and babies? What does that have to do with Disney buying Clubpenguin??? NOTHING!!! Penguins chose to act like babies or cheerleaders. Disney didn’t buy it and say, “HEY YOU, PLAYERS OF CLUBPENGUIN, DRESS UP LIKE BABIES AND CHEERLEADERS” They did it because they wanted to, so don’t say thats Disney’s fault.
    That’s a good thing about Clubpenguin, we can just do what we wanna do and be who we wanna be.
    Stop making up stupid reasons.

  6. it was disneys fault because they brought babies in and childish people who act like vampires and go like mu mu me scared of uppy or me allergic to
    you just being wierd
    they brought card jitsu into cp and ruined the

    • Um, the babies started when someone went to the Pet Shop and dressed up like a baby. Others players thought it was cool (I guess) and dressed up as one too. Disney had nothing to do with that. And Card-Jitsu is actually pretty fun.

    • Disney did NOT bring the babies. Some person ( not very smart ) CHOOSE to be a baby.
      Don’t blame Disney for every little thing!

  7. cheroes Says:
    August 31st, 2011 at 3:07 pm
    Why is everyone saying Disney brought the preps and babies? What does that have to do with Disney buying Clubpenguin??? NOTHING!!! Penguins chose to act like babies or cheerleaders. Disney didn’t buy it and say, “HEY YOU, PLAYERS OF CLUBPENGUIN, DRESS UP LIKE BABIES AND CHEERLEADERS” They did it because they wanted to, so don’t say thats Disney’s fault.
    That’s a good thing about Clubpenguin, we can just do what we wanna do and be who we wanna be.
    Stop making up stupid reasons.
    what you say is right. but stamps were a movement by disney. And the ban of games for non members was inhumane. So

  8. Your completely right. Not to mention, they let the people who originally were in charge stay in charge. (like lane) Disney actually just gave it money so they could get more money. I remember a navy blue penguin wearing a disney hat, I wish they had that item for real.

  9. Informative post… I remember when I first “discovered” Club Penguin and started playing it was in 2007. I didn’t participate much in things like pins and parties actually.

  10. Good thing Disney bought Club Penguin! Without Disney, Club Penguin would’ve ran out of money and would have to shut down.

    Good job Disney and keep up the good work! :)

    -Dj Pingy8

  11. One of those points I want to correct thank you very much.

    I think when the achievement book thing came (stamp book?) I think all of the pins were not recorded.

    Another term, a few errors happened with old accounts. My old account was deleted for being so idle, and so I had to make a new account. Most of the people complaining were on another account.

    So, altogether, it’s quite unknown to you if they weren’t or were part of Old Club Penguin.

    Continuing, none of those points really do anything at all.
    Merchandise for stuff IS expanding the game, but I honestly find it a little cheesy. And the repeats of clothes I honestly have no idea of confirming since I’ve never been a member.

    Why I hate Club Penguin was definitely how many features were restricted for non-members. That’s why you see everybody on CP being a member.

    In New Club Penguin, being my third day on New Club Penguin I was chatting to someone and they said this:

    Person: ‘Are you a member?’
    Me: ‘No.’
    Person: *leaves*

    New Club Penguin is actually MEAN in a way. I’m sorry if this offends anybody, but my opinion is said. Also adding on, Disney may host a great TV channel, but they ruin it by saying ads about Club Penguin.

    What’s worse, is the majority of the stuff that’s advertised you need paid membership. So when newbies join Club Penguin, they think ‘hey, where are those new features I saw on TV?’

    Yeah, I feel sorry for Club Penguin. It got ruined, and that is that.
    Sorry if I have offended anybody, but my opinion is said.
    Thank you,


    • Ever since the beginning of Club Penguin, penguins that were never a member are deleted after 60 days of inactivity or something like that. That is not Disney’s fault.

  12. I used to have a 2007 account and it had things from the Water Party and Christmas Party like the Christmas Scarf and Halloween Scarf and the Umbrella Hat and stuff like that. I left it for a while and when I logged back on I think it was deleted. That account had things penguins would call rare but they were normal items for me back then. :)

  13. to let you know i started last year and i only found out today but i would like club penguin to go back to club penguin beta but i found a website called oldCP and if you have an account you can play on the old one.

  14. Disney has done a lot for us penguins and everyday they try and make it better,add new items,newspapers,fix bugs and glitches,ect in my option Disney made club penguin the best online game ever!!

  15. Disney ruined Club Penguin! Disney removed all the good stuff and they do not let us type these symbols in the chat: # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ – + : ; ‘ ” / . , = > < and numbers too! Old club penguin was so good. but that disney ruined it.

  16. yes, Club Penguin could not survive without Disney. But they needed money for paying servers, but they could have asked Pixar! or Jumpstart! or Disney Fairies! so please, ditch club penguin forever.

  17. I find everything with the new CP alright except for one thing… the advertisement parties. Besides that, they are doing great. But, even though there is only one reason on why Disney ruined CP, that reason is a very big one.

  18. Guys, all this fighting over Disney, It’s a waste of time fighting.. I mean look at it this way, ask yourself this: “Am I really spending my whole life fighting for a virtual game?” It’s virtual!!! YOU RIGHT NOW ARE FUSSING OVER A VIRTUAL WORLD! QUIT FUSSING ABOUT A GAME AND MOVE ON! ITS JUST A GAME! WHATS EVEN A BIG FUSS ABOUT A GAME THAT’S HARDLY EVEN REAL!! :/

  19. Um,In 2005 when you join the beta test you Get 1000 Coins and 1 month free membership,so Disney didn’t made the membership :)

  20. I think I found the reason of these takeover parties. Especially focused on the Star Wars one.

    The thing is, I guess there are a LOT of noobs on Club Penguin, like about 82.3% of ’em. Most of them are fans of other stuff, like Star Wars. Club Penguin does what the players want, right? So what? Those noobs know that so they keep bashing Club Penguin like annoying spam mail that Club Penguin was like “yo dawg i herd u lik star wars so we put star wars in yur partie, hurr durr”. And the other normal 17.7% wont fight off either, there are more of them.

    But that does not mean we should not criticize noobs. Everyone has a stage of being one. We all would have an accident. It is like anyone would just get bashed just because they don’t know what does “karma” mean in a forum. Plus, there are not much schools in the world, which is why Coins for Change exist. Don’t even try to start a flame war just because he does not know prpr gerammr.



  21. I agree with this post. So many people go on about the old CP and how good it was. Back then, the developers did do their very best, and I like that, but when you compare the two eras, you can see which one is superior.

    Then again, nostalgia does blind some people.

  22. The creators could’ve done something about club penguin. They chose not to which made they almost shut down. But Disney bought it from them doing the SAME THING. Pookies, weird fashion clothes, noobies, items, parties. They could’ve done something about it.

    Pookies: I would’ve made a rule that if u talked or even looked like a baby, you get banned. Penguins could report you and there would be security cameras watching.

    Fashion: Ok Disney, you took it too far. I would’ve had a meeting about the stupid clothes.

    Noobies: Now if you were from 2007 or 2008, you would get all the privileges. If you came in like 2013 or 2014, you be restricted for a year of getting all the cool stuff,. Its fair because Noobies today think there “all that” and stuff. Were preventing them to do that.

    Items: They brought all the rare items back! Not Fair! I would’ve had a staff meeting to get rid of that stuff.

    Parties: The parties are plain DUMB now. Frozen, MU, Star Wars, Teen Beach, ect. They should’ve brought back the good parties! Water Party, that Mexican Party, Medieval Party,( do they still do that?), ect.


    • There’s nothing wrong with being a pookie, it’s a game where you can be what and who you want. And items come back all the time…

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