New Igloo Features On Club Penguin: Liking, editing, and more!

Club Penguin’s new igloo features have been released! When you go to your igloo you will probably notice the new igloo background, likes area, and igloo editing icon. One other minor improvement is that when you are in your igloo you cannot click the (new) igloo button to go to your igloo since you are already in it.

You can see who liked it.

Igloos can be liked once a day.

When viewing who liked the igloo you can also click the person’s penguin name to open their playercard.

Clicking the single igloo editing icon in the bottom right corner brings up all the igloo editing options and catalogues. You will be greeted with a control panel that looks like this. You can save up to three igloos, put your igloo on the map, edit it, and more from here.

The friends/everyone controls who can go to your igloo. Putting it on ‘everyone’ puts the igloo on the map.

You can have three different igloo designs at a time. It displays the amount of likes each igloo has.

You can also preview the igloo design.

The grand total likes is the amount of likes across all of your igloo designs.

The edit button is to edit your igloo’s design.

There is a new slider bar that lists everything in your inventory.

It defaults to all items, but you can sort it to only see igloo backgrounds, igloos, igloo flooring, floor furniture, wall furniture, and pet Puffle furniture.

When editing your igloo you can also change the igloo music. Clicking ‘hide’ hides the whole igloo editing system.

The Igloo Music list was given a lighter blue look.

Changing your igloo gives you this updated notice. “Are you sure you want to add an igloo? Your flooring and igloo furniture will be saved in your inventory.”

Since igloo backgrounds launched today the Igloo Catalogue is updated.

Mountain background:

Beach background:

Forest background:

The igloo map has also been updated. You can see which igloos are popular, friend’s igloos that are open, and can also just have it list everyone’s igloo who is open. Pretty handy!

Along with the launch of these new features several free furniture items have been given to penguins. Nonmembers get them too!

Here is the settings for nonmembers:

Nonmember membership popups.

A post about this update has been made on the Club Penguin Blog. (fun fact: in the CP blog screenshot, the first penguin on the igloo map, P######, had his igloo open in Abominable (still?) about 12 hours after the blog post was made. He or she is now close to 600 likes! Wow!)

There are also a few bugs, but nothing major. It’s just incorrect like numbers being displayed between areas, such as saying you have 0 when you have four. I’m sure the Club Penguin Team is already working on this.

With that said, how do you like the new features? Yay or nay? Which one do you like the most? I personally really like that. Just because I’m an oldie and have been using the old igloo system with minor upgrades for just about six (!!!!) years it doesn’t mean I’m open to change. This igloo system update is a much needed one and it’ll be interesting to see if Club Penguin adopts any of these features for editing your penguin’s outfit at some point in the future.

14 thoughts on “New Igloo Features On Club Penguin: Liking, editing, and more!

  1. I’d like to see a way they can get to a certain area in your clothing inventory quicker when you need something for a second :P

  2. I’m the aqua penguin wearing the hip-hop hoodie ,music splatter cap ,golden microphone ,green sneakers ,spy glasses ,VIP pass and center stage background! I thought you wouldve checked it before i got on… Yw for the like! Although it IS a cool igloo ,im saving up to move my igloo to an island. What about you?

  3. The features are great and hooray items for non-members I love it but they could have gave people a TABLE with it that so it will look great or even better but it is great we get items !!!! :)

  4. Excellent! Just… excellent!

    I visited an igloo today, and I was wondering where s/he got that brown couch. Now I know! I’m very happy that nonmembers can finally have something in their igloos!!
    I’m still not comfortable with the music menu. I would like it if songs didn’t go away, but there’s a limit of songs in that menu. (When a new one comes out, one goes away). I’d like it if it was infinite, because older songs could come back, like my favorite CP song: the song that used to play in the lighthouse. Ahh… that song brings me back so much memories of when I was new in CP.
    I absolutely NEED a revamp of the clothing inventory!! I hate that to wear a new item, I need to click on the down arrow a thousand times! It’d be a good idea to have a scrolling bar there, that would save a LOT of time!

  5. Nobody is ever going to believe me or ever see this…but this was an idea that I wrote into CP about. I was an avid CP player and loved the game so much, and I always had lots of ideas for it. So one day I wrote the support team an email with the idea for some type of system where people could vote on igloos. And they told me they really liked the idea and that it was being passed up the executive ladder. Months later the update came and I was shell shocked. I literally pioneered apart of the CP world. I’ll never forget…RIP Club Penguin.

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