Club Penguin Future Daily Challenge Item Pictures

Here are pictures of all the other items that will be given out as awards for the daily challenge at the Ultimate Jam. All of the items with the exception of the pins, background, and Golden Microphone have a special dance.

Day 2:

Music Splatter Hat:

Mega Star:

Day 3:

Pitch Perfect Shirt:

Center Stage Background:

Super Star:

Day 4:

Golden Microphone:

Gold Star:

Final Prize:

Hip Hop Hoodie:

26 thoughts on “Club Penguin Future Daily Challenge Item Pictures

    • I did last week! :P Plus I’d sort of consider the black background as a watermark, I dunno. I do when I feel like I should.

  1. How did you get the pics, did you do that time changing thing like for u Holiday Party and to see more boxes at the Underwater Party? :P

  2. I am using these pictures on my blog and giving a clickable link to your site :) Isn’t this like the christmas tree gifts? Can you change the time and get them all? I don’t know how to do it ~ just try :)

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