Cadence’s New Background

Cadence has a new background to give out on Club Penguin! If she’s already your buddy you can get it by clicking on her playercard. You have found a Cadence’s New Giveaway. Would you like to pick it up?

Here is how the background looks on my penguin. I personally love the neon. It looks amazing.

20 thoughts on “Cadence’s New Background

  1. Hi, i met candence like 10mins ago and i’m not her friend because she left…so how do i get her background if she leaves right after her song?

  2. i met cadence and all the four members of the band but i did not get the backgrounds of them why is that so????

    • If you met them at the Stadium, that only gets you the stamp. You have to see their actual penguin form on the game to open their playercard and get the background.

  3. i don’t know if this bug is still working but if you try to get a Aunt Arctic Bckround it gives you cadence’s new one!

    • You have to find her actual penguin waddling around the island and click on her penguin to open the playercard. The stadium penguin performing does not count.

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