Bored? Like Cats?

I don’t know about you, but weekends are pretty slow on the internet for me. There usually isn’t a whole lot going on in the Club Penguin world, so then I trail off and do other things. Not too exciting, I know.

So if you’re bored right now and like cats, why not get entertained by Meowbify? The website lets you see what a website of your choice would look like if the images were replaced with gifs of cats. Below is Club Penguin Memories viewed through Meowbify. The Club Penguin Memories website is fully functional, but the twist is some of the images are replaced with cats, hence the name of ‘Meowbify’. Want to see Club Penguin Memories taken over by cats? Then check out this link or do it to a different website of your choice here. Enjoy the cats!

Note: This post was in no way sponsored by Meowbify, I just wanted to share what I found with you. The cat images are child friendly, but please note that because it is an external website I have no control over what appears on it.

13 thoughts on “Bored? Like Cats?

  1. Lol! That was funny, but Train! can you please answer me this?
    Where I can get these items D: Like the Purple Sneakers, The Green Scene Jacket, The Sweet Spikester stuff, etc. The Ultimate Jam is on now! And the items are not even in there D: Also the Unlockable Purple Boombox stills in the files…

  2. I just thought about this xD In the newspaper, it said a “beach themed” catalog is next.. I was thinking..return of the life jacket? :D What do you think?

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