Club Penguin Band to be at Ultimate Jam 2012

In yesterday’s new blog post one of the first things that I noticed was Rocky and CeCe as well as Cadence were named to be at the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam 2012 party next month, however it failed to mention anything about the Penguin Band. I’ve been told several times that Cool Times, a staff member of Club Penguin, told a group of penguins that the Penguin Band would be at the party also. She’s right! It’s been confirmed by Club Penguin on Twitter that yes, the Penguin Band will indeed be waddling around the island starting July 19th.

Have you ever met the Penguin Band before?

16 thoughts on “Club Penguin Band to be at Ultimate Jam 2012

  1. I met the Penguin Band before, but it was before Stamps came out. :( So, I am going to try finding them this year!

  2. I’ve never met them before and even though I’ve been on cp since I’ve always missed the music jams because that’s when me and my family go on holiday so this is my first time and I also heard that there great.

    Waddle on.

  3. LOL now their will be The penguin band (4) Cadence, Cece, and Rocky…. well now we can earn or meet 7 mascots….. :D

  4. Hey Trainman in upcoming events you should change Penguin Band (?) to just Penguin Band. Also how do you know that the igloo features are coming on July 26?

  5. That way, I’m perfectly fine with the Ultimate Jam. :) Train, any news if Cece and Rocky have their own stamps too? I don’t think it would be fair if there is… backgrounds are enough

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