Club Penguin Times Issue 348 – The Showdown Continues!

Club Penguin has released a new newspaper, for the 21st of June. This is the twenty fifth issue of 2012 and brings us to a total of 348 published newspaper issues.

The main headline is this week’s newspaper is about the superhero and super villain showdown continuing.

The second article in this newspaper is about citizens standing up to villains.

There are the upcoming events – which ones are you looking most forward to?

The upcoming events are:

  • June 28 – New Pin
  • June 28 – Fireworks!
  • July 5 – July 2012 Clothing Catalogue
  • July 5 – Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal at the Stage
  • July 12 – New Pin

The back is the villain section for the second week in a row.

The following pages have been updated:

8 thoughts on “Club Penguin Times Issue 348 – The Showdown Continues!

  1. Hey Train! I just wanted to point out that if you turn the newspaper over onto the other side, it’s Super Villain side. I wasn’t sure if you knew that, I just wanted to tell you that. :P

    • Yes. It’s due to the fact that the Stage is decorated for the party, and the party does not end for another two weeks.

    • CP never responded to my email about it. Glad I found out myself… (Great service they have sometimes, eh?)

  2. I take my last comment back…

    They replied to me just this morning…

    Hey there,

    Thanks for waddling by with your question. I am more than happy to help!

    That is a really curious question my friend, so I thought I would take a look into the situation for you. I took a peek at the Club Penguin Times and can see that the date for the play is listed as July 5th. I can see where the confusion comes from, as there are fireworks scheduled for the 28th of June. That should be pretty awesome too!

    (Then there’s random stuff to some questions I asked that aren’t important.)

    My view of the email: Thanks for looking too late, because I already know that now. It was listed as June 28th last week, so they have no idea what they’re talking about. Someday I think I’m going to work for them and show them what real work is.

  3. I wonder what they ment with “Fireworks” :P will there be a new free item ? idk i can’t wait for the update tommorrow

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