My Club Penguin Birthday Party Invitation (PARTY OVER)

Thanks for coming!

Note: Yeah, I know this is the same date as Club PenguinCP and Tommy23456. Tommy was first (CheatsWhiz and I did not know when planning) and CPCP announced theirs after ours, so you’ll have to switch parties or decide which one to go to. Sorry for any inconvenience, but I hope to see you there! Worst case scenario I’ll have a second party, mainly for those who cannot make it due to time zone differences.

As some of you may know, my birthday is this Thursday on June 21st. It might not be the age you expect me to be turning, but I’ll be 17. Yeah, I was born alllll the way back in 1995. A lot of you are probably half my age, eh? :P Anyway, on Saturday the 23rd I will be celebrating on Club Penguin alongside CheatsWhiz, another Club Penguin Blog I have been working at for a while. Here are the details:

A coin code will also be given away on CheatsWhiz (NOT this website) after the party thanks to 9johncena. I hope to see you there!

By the way: some of you have asked if you could get me anything such as a coin code for my birthday – please don’t! I’m humbled and flattered that you guys and gals would get me something, but you don’t need to. :) Plus I’d feel bad for taking something that you purchased with your hard earned money! So yeah. I hope to see you at the party! I know I’ll be having lots of fun. Maybe we can fill a couple of rooms?

164 thoughts on “My Club Penguin Birthday Party Invitation (PARTY OVER)

  1. I’ll be there! I suppose it’ll be 2A.M. for me. Btw, my phone will lag so I might not talk a lot. Do you know Luckyboy7777 mentioned on Twitter he will have his party on the same day? I can recall it’s either 12 or 3 p.m. PST

  2. sorry i cant make it, im goin to hawaii for a whole week! and i cant bring my labtop cuz its screwed up. happy b day though!

  3. I never go to other blots except this Saraapril and Riffycp for tracking. I have a baseball game that will last to 12:00 EST then I’m going to a Cincinatti Reds game at 4 EST. I don’t know what time we have to leave but I will really try to make it!

  4. You’re not that much older than me. 2 years. But 90’s…good years :I. Anyhow, who would switch between parties? Yours is better (no questions asked). CPCP is really a kind of sad site. They don’t have everything you get in this site.

  5. Hey Train,
    while checking in the music SWF’s of CP, I found 3 unreleased musics.
    It kinda sounds like some city sounds and the other one sounds like some kind of a cave base ? The third one sounds like a repetitive machine.
    The ID’s are 327, 328 and 239.
    Maybe its for another part of the party. :O
    Hope I helped,

  6. happy b-day see u there.
    P.S will u friend me? my penguin name is the same one that im using
    fire storm32.

  7. Happy b-day!
    You are, quite honestly, the best CP blogger. You always get exclusives first and have information no one else has!
    I’m surprised at how little your success is in comparison to bloggers like Mimo777 who get no exclusives and just report casual thigs like ‘new pin’ and ‘new field-ops’. People like him shouldn’t be popular, you deserve 10X their viewers!

  8. If you watch the Igloo Experience video, go to 00:44. You’ll see that Happy77 has a new furniture in her inventory! I think its the arm chair that was supposed to come out in this month’s furniture catalog.


  9. What time would it be in EST?

    And also, happy early birthday! I will try to make my best to come, since school’s isn’t over yet and I have plenty of more stuff to do =/

  10. Hey Train how many stamps do you have?

    Ps. if you don’t have the party host stamp we could all crowd in your iggy for you!

  11. Hi trainman how old are you and i have a question when you be giving out the coin code? plz reply plus i love this site

  12. Wait… 12:00 am???!!!!! Do you mean midnight or noon? They always taught me 12:00 am is midnight and 12:00 pm is noon.
    And what is the hour on Honduras or Mexico?

  13. hay happy birthday Trainman!! i will try to make it if it is pm and i will also tell my friends to go on! what is the time in Australia i will really try to be there! so see you at the party!!!

  14. I will hopefully come but Im not sure to go to Club penguin cps party or yours but I will come!!!!!! wait I just remembered that cpcp has three party’s all day so I will come. plus im new to this site.

  15. Hey trainman Happy Early Birthday I have to tell you something though me and you we have posted on the same topic twice at or Whats New? I didn’t know if you noticed or not I also love your blog i check it alot and very great info I have allways attempted to be a Club Penguin Blogger I have tried like 15 times I just can’t keep up or i quit because It’s not a popular blog or It’s just bad luck I got on a great blog but then they sold it -.- Truly bad luck It would be an honor to help you guys out with the blog I have great grammar don’t be fooled because i use slang on chats club penguin most of the internet except BLOGS I take it very seruiosly to help a great blog out I am turning 13 to on July 1’st so yeah but Good job on the blog Very great news keep it up oh and I am not all about the fame people allways want to work for a Club Penguin blog to become famous anyways I just wanted to say Happpy Birthday and congratulations on going to big 17 :) 5 years after this birthday and you could work for Club Penguin not saying thats what you would do but thats neat good job oh and your so kind okay i am done babbling now you guys can have a break from reading my long comments hehe… :)

    • Wow, thanks for the really nice comment! As I read it my mom read it over my shoulder too, haha. For now I’m not hiring on this particular website although I am constantly looking for others on my other website, :)

    • Nono, i wasn’t meaning the super hero takeover, i was meaning your birthday party, or it ends the same?

      And btw, i may not come to your party since on the last moment, it was supposed to be next week but this tomorrow, i will graduate from school, i am in 6th grade, in my country its like that so don’t ask, i will try to come k?

      • Oh! Sorry. There is no set ending time but it’ll probably last an hour maximum. If you can’t make it, don’t worry! Have fun with graduation. :)

  16. philippines???

    • 3:00 AM Sunday

      I can’t add, my list is full. However I do keep friend requests and delete inactive buddies from time to time so I can add new friends!

  17. Hey train!
    How are ya ?? Long time no see ( the last time I saw you was in azeemsky’s party!. I might come cuz I live in India And my timing I guess might me 12:30? And also A very very very Happy Birthday! So how old are you gonna be?( sorry is you mind the question). I just love you site. And once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

  18. p.s. train how many buddies you have because the way i know is that you can have unlimited frineds i have 501 now so if that is a bug please tell the cp team if there is really a limit in friends tell me how many please answer this :):):)

  19. I probably won’t make it. I’ve got to go look at a house five minutes away from my house today (at 1:00 EDT) and then go to a Cincinnati Reds game at 4:10 (EDT). If I can make it, it’ll be fairly short. :( But, I’m your buddy on CP, so I can find you anytime :)

  20. train i have 500+ now but i can still add new friends and they also have been adding me lately soo try to add 2 if you have 499 now ok if it is true keep it at 499,delete quitted and inactive friends add new friends especially me (name is Lance Jin) OK!!! :D :D :D

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