Club Penguin Marvel Super Hero Takeover Cheats Theories

The Marvel Super Hero Takeover is nearly here on Club Penguin, and like always I have compiled all of the information I’ve posted into a single post for you to reference. Obviously this post will contain many spoilers, so if you would prefer to be surprised tomorrow when the party is released, then stop reading! If you’d like to know many things, then continue on!

This party runs from June 14th to July 4th. This is three weeks, an exceptionally long party. Originally it was going to be two weeks long but I guess Club Penguin loved it so much. After all, the team put in double the hours into this party than they normally do, as Lane Merrifield (Billybob) stated. That’s pretty amazing.

Here are the rooms I have images of. The entire island is a city.

EPF Command Room:

Super Hero Space HQ

Rooftop: (I think this is the Downtown Showdown)



Other miscellaneous rooms:

Other party rooms information:


A mysterious glowing Meteor has crash landed on to the Dock on Club Penguin!

Burning Building

There’s a fire at City Hall. The brave citizens are trying to put it out, but more help is surely needed…


The Destructobot is the greatest tin-can terror of them all! Super Villains get to pilot this giant robot, whilst the Super Heroes have to work together to deactivare it!

Villainous Lair

This is where the bad guys and gals plan all their evil deeds. You will have to decide which team you belong to!

Many other rooms and spoilers are in Club Penguin’s video commercial:

Other party information:

  • During the party players can enter all the rooms except the roof, which is above the fort, where the partners will face off against a giant robot that threatens to destroy the city (Destructobot, a part of Protobot)
  • In the prison room there is a free villain background. In the press conference area there is superhero stuff.
  • In the Pizza Parlour you can win other prizes if you work together with others

Here are all the items that will be released:

Head Items:

  • Iron Man Cowl for 450 coins
  • Thor Helmet for 450 coins
  • Nova Helmet for 400 coins
  • The Black Widow for 450 coins
  • Loki Horns for 450 coinss
  • The Ms Marvel for 450 coins
  • The Hawkeye for 250 coins
  • THE HULK SMASH (yes, Club Penguin put it in all caps. Ironic, isn’t it?) for 300 coins
  • Captain America Helmet for 400 coins
  • Press Cap for 150 coins (listed as for nonmembers)
  • Cop Cap for 350 coins (listed as for nonmembers)

Face Items:

  • Nick Fury Eyepatch for 100 coins
  • Iron Fist Mask for 350 coins
  • Hawkeye-wear for 150 coins

Neck Items:

  • Hawkeye Quiver & Bow for 300 coins

Hand Items:

  • Mjollnir for 300 coins
  • Captain America Shield for 300 coins
  • Icy Power Gloves for 300 coins
  • Cosmic Power Gloves for 300 coins
  • Lightning Power Gloves for 300 coins
  • Money Bag for free (listed as for nonmembers)

Body Items:

  • Spider-Man Bodysuit for 550 coins
  • Captain America Bodysuit for 550 coins
  • HULK BODYSUIT for 550 coins
  • Iron Man Bodysuit for 550 coins
  • Ms Marvel Body Suit for 500 coins
  • Nova Bodysuit for 450 coins
  • Iron Fist Bodysuit for 400 coins
  • Venom Symbiote for 550 coins
  • Loki Armor for 500 coins
  • The Lizard Bodysuit for 550 coins
  • Hawkeye Bodysuit for 550 coins
  • Thor Armor for 550 coins
  • Nick Fury Coat for 400 coins
  • Black Widow Bodysuit for 500 coins
  • Doom Dorne for 3000 coins (expensive!)
  • Up To No Good Suit for 350 coins (listed as for nonmembers)
  • City’s Finest Uniform for 400 coins (listed as for nonmembers)


  • Superhero Pin (for everyone)

Backgrounds (all for everyone)

  • Aunt Arctic Giveaway
  • Mug Shot
  • Press Conference

Here are pictures of some of those items:

Venom Symbiote:

City’s Finest Uniform:

Spider-Man Bodysuit:

Cop Cap:

Iron Man Bodysuit:

Iron Man Cowl:

As you can see in the item list, Aunt Arctic will have a new background. She will be waddling around this party! Here are all of her prewritten messages, giving party hints:


Alright folks
Attention everyone
Gather up
Let’s get to work
Good day
Hello everyone
No time for formalities
Step into my office
Let’s get this show on the road
What’s the news?


Lead the way!
Follow me, everyone!
This way, everyone
Come this way
Let’s sneak inside…
Let’s get closer…
Excuse us officer!
We’re with the press!
You can’t stop us, Super Villains!
Look lively!
Let’s go go go!
To the Snow Forts!
Let’s go downtown
Follow me!
Make way!
Back to the Club Penguin Times!
Members, follow me!
Follow me to the Jail!
Follow me to the Bank!

Club Penguin Times

Alright reporters!
Okay everyone!
Gather round
Staff meeting

Downtown Showdown

Look out!
Incoming Destructobot
Go Super Heroes!
You Super Villains don’t stand a chance
Watch out!
The countdown has started
Don’t give up Super Heroes
You’re the city’s last hope!
The pen is mightier than the sword…
And laser beams!
I hope…
Oooh, that Destructobot…
He makes me so mad!
Pick on someone your own size!
Aim for the Destructobot’s weak spot
Use your super powers!
Hey Super Villains!
You should take a break
You look sort of tired
Why not join me for a cup of tea?
What can I do to help?
I know!
I’ll distract the Super Villains!
Hey Super Villains over here!
I’d like to ask you some questions
Just ignore the Super Heroes
What made you want to become a Villain?
What sort of super powers do you have?
Are you planning on taking over the city?
Do you have a secret weakness?
What’s your secret weakness?
Don’t worry, this is off the record…
Have you considered becoming a Super Hero?
I think you’d be a better Super Hero
Oh no!
The Super Villains won
Look out!
Oh my…
Look at all the damage
Is everyone alright?
Back on your feet Super Heroes!
Let’s start repairing the damage
When life gives you lemons…
Because hey, free lemons!
…Make lemon cake!
…Squeeze them!
And make lemonade
Ha ha!
Grow a lemon tree!
You only fail if you give up
You Super Villains are the worst!
You’ll never get away with this!
I hope you’re happy
Laugh while you can
Good always triumphs over evil
Turn away from the dark side!
Use your powers for good!


May I interview you?
May I ask you some questions?
I’ve got some questions for you!
Citizens want to know the truth!
For the newspaper?
Excuse me!
Are you a Super Hero?
I’ve got some questions for you
I have some questions for the newspaper
Alright, first question…
Here’s my next question…
One last question…
What made you become a Hero?
Where did you get your powers?
Did you make your costume yourself?
What is your secret identity?
Just kidding!
Do you read the newspaper?
Oh good
Why not?
What powers do you have?
Do you have a secret fortress?
Have you defeated any Super Villains?
Are you afraid of spiders?
Capes – yes or no?
What made you want to become a Villain?
What sort of super powers do you have?
Are you planning on taking over the city?
Do you have a secret weakness?
What’s your secret weakness?
Don’t worry, this is off the record…
Have you considered becoming a Super Hero?
I think you’d be a better Super Hero
Have you been on Rockhopper’s ship?
Have you sent me a question?
Have you sent me a joke?
I receive so many each week
It is so tough to choose
You never know!
I enjoy classical music
My favorite animal is a puffle
I prefer puzzles…
…and crosswords!
My hobbies are writing and reporting
I also enjoy knitting
Thank you for asking
How are your puffles?
Would you like to interview me?
Please do!
Yes I believe that strongly
I like all the costumes very much
No I don’t think so
Thank you for your questions
You are an excellent reporter


I would be pleased to give an interview
Did you have a question?
Hmm, I think so
Hmm, I don’t think so
Hmm, I don’t know actually
Probably not
Oh, I would love to be your friend
Please add me as a friend
Do you have my background yet?
Do you read the Club Penguin Times?
Do you enjoy the newspaper?
Do you mind if I interview you?
I have too many favorites to say for sure
I like fluffy animals
Have you tried the tea?
My favorite games are Find Four and Mancala
I enjoy treasure hunting too


Take care out there everyone
Stay safe
Good work everyone!
See you again
Keep up the good work
I need to go
I need to go write my column
Good luck!
This paper looks fantastic!
Thanks for all your hard work

(I do not know what the new background looks like)

It is also worth noting that Screenhog composed the music for this party, so that is pretty cool. Two songs.

You can also check out a picture of the catalogue and some of the items on playercards in this post. Billybob also said some pretty neat stuff about Marvel in the article.

Finally, I recommend you check out Club Penguin’s special Marvel page. Check back here at Club Penguin Memories when the party is released!

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  1. All right, Cops and Robbers coming soon in just hours. I can’t wait to turn myself in as a Robber, and see what the cops do to me! :D

    • why not be a super hero? *gets into random costume and comes out as my penguin in hulk costume

      Me: hulk stop you when you turn robber! but first hulk smash! hulk like referring to self in third person!

  2. The first picture is the villainous lair. I think you can access it by using the manholes with lightning bolts on them. And don’t forget, the gloves make super snowballs that explode!

  3. like always, i’ve decompiled the loginscreens/homepage/items and searched in the videos and pictures for more detail about the party and I got these informations and pictures:
    The little green lines is how many lives are removed.
    My theory about the targets is, the heroes will have to shoot the heroes targets to destroy the robot and the vilains are going to shoot on the vilains targets to give some lives to the robot.
    this pictures shows the icon that we saw in most of the rooms sneak peeks.
    I’m guessing thats its gonna be to change from vilain to heroe or etc..
    I may be wrong about that that one.
    Anyway the last thing that intrigued me was the rings.
    The colored rings are going to be for members only.
    Because you will have to be a hero or a vilain.
    Normal players will have the normal ring.
    Thats all I got for this upcoming party, theres nothing interessing in the SWF’s files.

    • *still my penguin in hulk costume*

      Me: okie dokie enjoy party when we meet hulk do everything in hulks power to stop you so enjoy! hulk get ice cream now *walks away*

  4. Woot! 3 weeks! I thought it would end on June 28th (Day when I get out of school!) so I may have time and help track Aunt Arctic (although I already found her at earth day) enjoy the party and more!

  5. I’m going to be Nick Fury! I hope he’s not a villain, but if he is I’ll deal with it. I’ve never played Marvel in my life but I know who everyone is.

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