Free 500 Coins Code

Just like with last month’s Club Penguin magazine issue Disney has provided a sneak peek of two of the pages, and it contains a code for 500 coins. Only for this reason am I posting the code, as you need to purchase the magazine to obtain the other ones.

The clue is:

Write the name of the flaming puffle superhero from page 30 into the spaces below to get the redeem code.

The code for 500 coins is Darkstar.

11 thoughts on “Free 500 Coins Code

  1. it said aunt arctic was online for me. do you know why? it happened to my little brother, too. is she already online? i heard she was going to be at the superhero party

    • It’s a bug saying she is online. She really isn’t. She will be on at the Super Hero Party though!

  2. thanks dude this will help me get some more coins and ill save up for marvel costumes (after i buy everything new in gift shop) but seriously thanks

  3. As I stated in the post I am not publishing the other two codes as you need to purchase the magazine for them.

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