Spy Phone Messages Missing, Incorrectly Dated, ETC

There is a new EPF message from Jet Pack Guy, apparently from a few days ago.

Mayday! Mayday! We’ve got an emergency situation! A… dragon has taken over the island!? What is going on here?? Orders???

…but some messages are missing or incorrectly dated! This one says it’s from April 12th, however it’s actually from the 26th of April!

If you scroll through the posts on this page you’ll see just how many are messed up!

Also posted on Club Penguin Bugs.

2 thoughts on “Spy Phone Messages Missing, Incorrectly Dated, ETC

  1. Hmmmm…..Could this mean Herbert is hacking the EPF computer system and sending them late? If I were to predict, what would happen next is that Gary will know about Operation Blackout and try to warn us, but Herbert will hack the system and send the warning too late and the whole island will end!

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