The Igloo Contest Winners Won These Rare Items

Are you wondering what the items the igloo contest winners received like me? Look no further! Thanks to Club Penguin Support I have received a list of the items they got.

  • Bird Cage
  • Moose Head
  • Portrait of Rockhopper
  • Polka-Dot Lamp
  • Turtle Terrarium
  • Orange Air-Filled Couch
  • Orange Air-Filled Chair

Thanks for the information, Club Penguin! :)

19 thoughts on “The Igloo Contest Winners Won These Rare Items

  1. :O A BIRD CAGE!! AAAAAAH THE HUMIDITY THERE IS NO PERAPIN WITH A BIRD! I really want a bird pet, I want a variety of pets in my iggy! :) (Explains why I wear a squid on my head all the time) Lol! :)

    From Your Friend
    ~Perapin :)

  2. I REALLY want the air filled stuff so I could use that for my Aunt Arctic puffle bed thing that was even featured on their bolog!

  3. Hey Train. I have a question.
    Can you please answer it?
    If I have a parent account of a penguin, but I do not have the email of the parent account, can someone hack mine account or get it back?

    Hopefully you understand what I mean..?

    • You’ll have to contact Club Penguin Support and tell them your situation. Most likely a parent would need to make the call.

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