Club Penguin April 2012 Furniture Catalogue Cheats

Club Penguin has released their fourth furniture catalog of 2012, for the month of April. Here is what is new as well as the cheats on the hidden furniture items. The main theme of all the new items has to do with Earth Day and nature.

Here are the cheats on the locations of the hidden items, new and old:

Click the Jungle Fern for the Desert Stones, which cost 100 coins.

Click the back of the Hippopotamus for the Garden, which costs 200 coins.

Click the centre of the Bookshelf for the Red Couch. It costs 500 coins.

Click the sun on the Sunset Painting for the Easel. It costs 180 coins.

Click the pot of the Evergreen Plant for the Potted Palm. It costs 280 coins.

Click the inner loop of the Swinging Vines for the Cavern Chair, which costs 350 coins.

Click the steering wheel on the Pirate Ship for the Tropical Palm. It costs 300 coins.

Click the bottom part of the ride side of the Violet Velvet Rope for the Steering Wheel. It costs 300 coins each.

Click the paper and much on the right side of the Judge’s Table for the Mannequin, which will cost 200 coins each.

Click the lock on the Treasure Chest for the Ancient Archway, which costs 600 coins.

Click the top of the Barbecue for the Bamboo Torch, which costs 200 coins.

Here is a video of all the cheats:

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