Club Penguin Featured Fashions: March 8th

Club Penguin has posted some more featured outfits on the Club Penguin Blog. There is a mistake on the title where it says March 3rd instead of March 8th. Last time Happy77 asked for some pirate outfits.

Starwarsru said:

Hello, I have a quite adventurous penguin in my buddy list! It’s Boba 126. He loves to use his background and pins to show off his new style! If you’re looking for a stylish, adventurous penguin, Boba 126 is one! :)

Amy123happy said:

My friend Creamamy has a super stylish swash-buckling pirate outfit that she wears sometimes. She is always changing her look though so every time I see her, she is rocking a new outfit! She usually mixes old and new together a lot. She would be thrilled to know she was picked for this, I think she deserves it! :D

Leanne123 said:

You should put Sasha86096’s outfit on, she has the best pirate outfit ever!!! :D You should see her! :D

This week’s outfit theme is Puffles.

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