Jet Pack Guy EPF Message

Are you an Elite Penguin Force agent? If so, be sure to read the new message on your phone! It is from Jet Pack Guy. Take a look:

He said:

Man, I can’t believe we still haven’t heard from Herbert! You’d think he’d be bragging about how he got away. Where IS he?

Hmmm…where do you think he is and why is he so quiet?

Thanks to Pen50gi for telling me about the new EPF message.

10 thoughts on “Jet Pack Guy EPF Message

  1. It’s obvious! He’s accidently floated away, thanks to Rookie, and is somewhere in the ocean and then in a few days time he’ll end up on Shipwreck Island and we’ll trap him again :) Well, thats my idea

  2. hey trainman, do u remember the rock a bye video of herberts escape ? At the end of the video u can see that herbert is floating at sea, u can those trees and mountains in the background , i saw those same tress before at the rpom called the shore at the wilderness party of 2011 ( the discovery of the brown puffle ) at the shore u had to build a boat but u should look at the trees and mountains in the background . I think they are the same as from the video :)

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