Club Penguin February 2012 Penguin Style Items

Some all new items have been added to Club Penguin’s files! Not only that, but they slightly changed a few old item names, which makes me to believe they will be returning to the catalog, too.

The changed item names were:

  • Leather Shoes changed to Brown Shoes
  • Pendant changed to Pendant Necklace
  • Fresco Waves Background changed to Fresco Waves
  • Pink Stars Background changed to Purple Stars Background
  • Pinata Background changed to Fashion Show Background (a mistake on their part, it’s supposed to be a whole new item)
  • The Compass might return too – for some reason they changed the price from 125 coins to 124 coins.

The new head items are: (members only)

  • The Stunning for 400 coins
  • The Stirking for 400 coins
  • The Flitter Flutter for 300 coins
  • The Ensemble for 350 coins
  • The Bright Side for 300 coins

The new face items are: (members only)

  • Indigo Sunglasses for 50 coins
  • Sunset Diva Glasses for 150 coins
  • Emerald Aviator for 50 coins

The new neck items are: (members only)

  • Aqua Bead Necklace for 250 coins
  • Cornflower Scarf for 150 coins
  • Red Cotton Scarf for 175 coins
  • White Feather Boa for 200 coins
  • Silver Star Necklace for 250 coins

The new body items are: (members only)

  • Bubble Dress ¬†for 500 coins
  • Sharp Black Vest for 450 coins
  • Layered Marshmallow Look for 330 coins
  • Winter Threads for 450 coins

The one new hand item is: (members only)

  • Pearl Clutch Bag for 150 coins

The new feet items are: (members only)

  • Sparkly Sea Foam Slippers for 200 coins
  • Untied Violet Sneakers for 150 coins
  • Groovy Shoes for 300 coins

The two new backgrounds are: (for everyone, 60  coins each)

  • Red and Purple Plaid Background
  • Fashion Show Background (mentioned above)

While the items don’t really give us a hint to what to expect next month’s party is, it’s rumoured to be Rockhopper’s Quest.

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  1. i think that it may be penguin play awards coming early? are there any pictures of the new items? maybe we could be able to tell from the pictures

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