Club Penguin Underwater Expedition Sneak Peek Video

Remember the sneak peek of the 2012 Penguin Style Catalog, and at the end it said “to be continued”? Now it is! If you watch that video, when Happy77 is clicking “ok”, click the secret annotation. It’s also on Club Penguin’s “2011 In Under A Minute” video.

Here’s the full video:

She shows us parts of the island as well as some of the underwater portion. Here is the right side of the Dock:

Here is the left side of the Dock:

The Iceberg – note the Dojo being tilted.

The Ski Village:

The Cove? (I’m unsure. There might also be a scavenger hunt, seeing she picked up the trash in the video)

The Beach – there will be a free item here. Most likely the Submarine Suit.

The entrance to under the water at the Beach:

The rest is an assortment of underwater rooms:

Special thanks to Cade450 and Wboys14.

12 thoughts on “Club Penguin Underwater Expedition Sneak Peek Video

  1. The free item at the beach will be a anvill ( the Heavy Hat ) and i think i know why the island is full with trash because rookie wanted to use the reclycle machine :) and indeed , i also think that there will be a scavenger hunt :D i hope will get more sneak peaks xd

  2. What about rockhoppers ship at the homepage ? The party is at the end of the month and rockhopper quest is in february

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