Club Penguin Underwater Expedition 2012 Video

Club Penguin has uploaded an all new commercial video to their YouTube account! It’s similar to their past commercials, in which they explain the game and also include what is going on this month. Obviously this month we have the Underwater Expedition, also known as the Underwater Party. This will be the second expedition Club Penguin has had, (unless you count the Forest & Cove) but will be the first one that takes place under the island. Here’s the video:

A few quick things to point out:

Here’s the homepage for the party: (Yes, Klutzy is there. So is Rockhopper…?)

Here’s what I think is the Cove. Note the pile of candy from the Halloween Party. Huh?

Finally, this is the entrance at the Beach. I see a….(Magic) Conch Shell! (LOOLOOLOOLOOLOO) (Spongebob reference)

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    P: the one were holding

    SB: no patrick to one in club penguin *points to picture and patrick eats the picture* PATRICK!

  2. you know since we found the brown puffles at last years expedition i bet this year during rockhoppers quest or during underwater expedition we will find the dark pink puffles (or more likely the rainbow puffles as hinted my the puffle party banner) or who knows maybe even both anywho ik one thing no matter what color this years new puffle turns out to be we will enjoy the parties and the quest to find it! i know all us cp penguins have the courage to discover what lies beneath cp what lies on rockhopper island WE ARE PENGUINS UNITED! WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON EXPANDING OUR ISLAND WE ARE PENGUINS UNITED!!!

    PENGUINS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!! (toontown online reference)

  3. If you notice, there’s a few anvils on the island (one next to the Lighthouse), and one near the green diver. Maybe they will be used to sink the Lighthouse?

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