Club Penguin 2011 In Less Than A Minute Video

A new video has been uploaded to Club Penguin’s YouTube Channel. It’s a minute long, titled “2011 (in less than a minute). It features sped up video clips of all the island’s main events. Before you watch it though, two things I would like to point out:

  • Why do penguins have green rings around them in January-September 2011 if that update was not yet out?
  • Some of the clips (Halloween Party) were reused from Happy77’s sneak peek
  • At the end we have a 2012 sneak peek of things such as Rockhopper’s Quest
  • Why do penguins have Puffles with Puffle Hats on them during the Earth Day Party (0:16), Fall Fair etc? They were not out yet.

Update: Happy77 replied to my comment with an explanation:

The video:

Sneak Peeks:

Underwater Expedition Рnotice the Lighthouse  being nearly covered in water, all the boxes, and a secret entrance.

Underwater: (and crab shadow)

Penguin Play Awards, possibly? There’s a model path thing.

Rockhopper’s ship for his quest:

The Migrator on an island of some sort.

Other part of that: (which looks awesome)

Puffle Hotel? There’s a Spa, a feeding place, etc. (Puffle Party 2012?)

April Fools Day Party. There’s the Stadium with a cactus and a box portal.

17 thoughts on “Club Penguin 2011 In Less Than A Minute Video

  1. Yep its rockhopper island, because if u can remember that behind the scenes video then there is a part with words spelled backwards and there was standing rockhopper island and i think the crab is klutzy because it does not have the chapee of the old crab :) but now we know that there will be a special room near the lighthouse :D i think it will be a crab

  2. I’ve been thinking and maybe we’ll discover RH Island this year? After all, it is a ‘Rockhopper Quest’. I’ve got a neat theory on this… but I highly doubt my theory is possible. :S

  3. At like 19 seconds in the video during the Medieval Party, you see a gold viking hat puffle. While I know why puffles have hats here, I still wonder why it has this hat. I thought it was unreleased. Oh, and, several penguins in there seem like they SAW the Medieval party. It was shot recently, after puffle hats, and so how could they see the party? Were they mods or was it just mod magic for penguins on several servers? Also, if you look closely, you see various ‘blogger’ penguins. :D

  4. For the Puffle Party, it kinda looks like the Puffle Spa is in somewhere. I hope it’s inside a CP Mall… XD That would be cool if there was a mall on Club Penguin… :D

  5. the underwater expedition appears to have something to do with the geyser we stopped in 2010 and partly something to do with herbert and klutzy club penguins greatest moments lie just ahead… a wise old turtle on a movie called kung fu panda once said “yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift thats why they call it the present” and now club penguin is faced with a grand mystery to be solved: why and how is the island tipping into the ocean

    Tip For This Commect/Moral Of Comment: Listen To The Wisdom Of Others And Always Seek More Knowledge Do Not Be Afraid To Stand Up For Those You Love… And Those Who Love You

  6. hey train I think that the Puffle Spa is the members room updated or its the ski lodge cause the wall looks lik logs in the top right… And the Run-way could be part of Rockhoppers Quest cause in the Membership Page the Upcoming events was get ready for fashion inspired outfits? Or They moved RHQ to July the unplanned month and put this Run way thing next month… Or maybe the other way around? Hmm I have a lot of theories this year!woo!

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