Club Penguin Blog: Upcoming Events

Yesterday on the Club Penguin Blog Happy77 gave us a sneak peek on what to expect over the next few weeks. She also mentioned that the Club Penguin Team has some other videos up their sleeves, so we should stay tuned for them.

Now for the upcoming events. Here’s what she told us:

  • Coins for Change announcement: Later today Billybob will announce some big Coins For Change news
  • The Ice Rink returns: Tomorrow, in addition to the December 2011 Sports Catalog, the Ice Rink will also be returning. (as shown on the map)
  • Card-Jitsu Mats: Card-Jitsu Maps are almost ready! Once they’re released members will be able to host Card-Jitsu matches in their own igloos.
  • Field-Ops: Soon there will be new orders at the Command Room, so keep your eyes peeled!

Happy77 also gave us this teaser image – it’s boxes at the Beach for Coins For Change.

I must say I’m rather excited for these events to kick off!

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